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The 7 Best Irish Bars In Boston

One of the best staples of American life is a great, local, Irish bar. A place for good beer, comfort food and plenty of laughs with friends. These Irish bars in Boston are a go-to for great beer and vibes.

While the craic might not be as good as in a traditional pub in the west of Ireland, the best Irish bars outside of the Emerald Isle manage to bring the Irish spirit to where ever they are.

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1. The Plough and Stars

The Plough and Stars in Cambridge isn’t only one of the best Irish bars in the city, but one of the best bars full stop. They’ve a big focus on live music and the place is always absolutely buzzing.

Order a pint of the Black Stuff and settle in for an evening full of banter.

The Plough and Stars Irish Bar in America

2. JJ Foley’s

This low-key bar in the heart of Downtown is everything that an iconic Irish bar should be – warm and welcoming, full of craic and home to a great selection of beers and ales. Bono is just one of the many famous Irish people to have stopped in for a drink, so you never know who you’ll be standing next to at the bar.

JJ Foley's Bar in Boston

3. The Black Rose

In a city filled with Irish pubs, The Black Rose stands out for its friendly staff (you’ll likely hear many an Irish accent), proper Guinness and live music seven nights a week. It’s cosy and charming without being dive-y. Once you step inside you’ll soon see why it’s been such a local favourite for over 40 years.

4. The Burren

Since opening in 1996 by husband and wife musicians Tommy and Louise McCarthy, The Burren has been known for its great Guinness and other draughts and of course, stellar music. Music acts range from traditional Irish to Bluesgrass and Indie, so there’s something for all tastes.

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5. L Street Tavern

This laid-back tavern was made famous for featuring in the movie Good Will Hunting. But that’s not the only reason you should stop by: the beers are fantastic, the atmosphere is welcoming and you never have a bad night here. In a nutshell, all the key ingredients to be one of the top Irish bars in Boston.

 Irish Bars Boston

6. Mr Dooley’s Tavern

As one bartender once put it “ If ye want a theme park go to Disney, if ye want a pint come to Dooley’s!” That sums up this authentic Irish pub perfectly. There’s no fuss, just a classic pub the likes of which you’d find in any small town in Ireland. It’s a favourite haunt of local musicians, so don’t be surprised if an impromptu trad session breaks out.

 Irish Bars Boston

7. Irish Village

This casual Irish sports bar in Brighton is a top spot for after work pints. It’s a Irish pub that is lovely and welcoming, where the staff have everything down to a fine tee and everything just runs perfectly.

The sort of place you’d come for one drink and stay hours. Trust us.

 Irish Bars Boston

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