Most Instagrammable spots in Cartagena

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Cartagena

A city filled with cobblestone streets and colourful colonial buildings, it’s not hard to find the most Instagrammable spots in Cartagena.

The city’s position on Colombia’s Caribbean coast makes it a tropical paradise that’s been preserved inside of a 16th-century fortress.

Ready to explore white-sand beaches and multi-coloured streets? Here are the seven most Instagrammable spots in Cartagena, Colombia.

Most Instagrammable spots in CartagenaHow do these rankings work?

1. Old Town Cartagena

By the Caribbean Sea, you’ll find the walled Old Town of Cartagena. 

There’s really no one spot, in particular, that’s the most Instagrammable as every corner of Old Town Cartagena offers colourful and cultural delights.

If you’re looking for the typical Instagram shot, then stop and ask one of the fruit ladies (called palenqueras) for their photo. Make sure to tip the women or buy something from them in exchange for the photo.

Most Instagrammable spots in Cartagena

2. Castillo San Felipe de Barajas

The San Felipe of Barajas Castle is one of the most historic landmarks in Cartagena, which makes it a great backdrop for Insta photos both during the day and at night.

You can’t miss visiting this historical attraction, which offers panoramic views of the entire city if you choose to go inside.

If you’d rather take the picture from outside of the castle, make sure you wait until night. The fortress lights up and makes for the perfect photo against the Cartagena sky.

Most Instagrammable spots in Cartagena

3. Abaco Libros y Cafe

What’s one of the best coffee shops in the city is also one of the most Instagrammable spots in Cartagena.

This coffee shop was a library before they added in the coffee bar. Now, travellers and locals alike head to Abaco Libros y Cafe for a quiet afternoon amongst tall racks of books.

Most Instagrammable spots in Cartagena

4. Getsemani Neighbourhood

Every city has its trendy, hipster neighbourhood, and in Cartagena that’s Getsemani. Here, you’ll find laid-back streets splashed in vibrant street art and stunning architecture.

For the perfect Instagram photo, get lost in Getsemani and pose against one of the neighbourhood’s impressively colourful murals. 

Be sure to stick around for some of the city’s best coffee. This is also where you’re going to want to stay if you’re looking to go out and enjoy Cartagena’s nightlife.

5. La Popa Monastery

If your Insta feed is filled with photos of aerial views, then you can continue the theme by heading to La Popa Monastery. This is by far where you’re going to catch the best aerial views of Cartagena.

The secret gardens inside of the monastery offer an extra surprise for Instagrammers who love greener hues and natural shots.

Most Instagrammable Spots in Cartagena

6. El Baluarte San Francisco

El Baluarte is one of the best restaurants in Cartagena. However, it also serves as a great vantage point for numerous great Insta photos.

Expect stunning views of the Old Town, especially if you head there right before dusk. Then, order a glass of the local rum and enjoy watching the city light up before your eyes.

7. Casa en el Agua

Okay, so this one isn’t technically in Cartagena. But, Cartagena is the closest city from which to reach this incredible eco-hostel.

Casa en el Agua is literally that, a house in the water. This floating hostel island is truly one-of-a-kind, and the two-hour boat ride out to the ocean oasis is pretty scenic as well.

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