The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants In Cartagena

There are few places in the world that serve up more stunning sunsets than in Cartagena, one of the most romantic cities in all of South America. So naturally, restaurants here always deliver in terms of photo-perfect settings. 

Perhaps it’s the rolling tide, the Caribbean vibes, or the historical backdrop. Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure: the most romantic restaurants in Cartagena are without a doubt some of the most charming places to share a meal with a loved one anywhere in the world.

Explore this historical city and wander in and out of the fortress walls for the day. Then, head to the seaside and plan on indulging in a sumptuous meal with even more divine views. You’ll find it all at any one of the seven most romantic restaurants in Cartagena.

Most Romantic Restaurants In CartagenaHow do these rankings work?

1. Club de Pesca

If you’re looking to enjoy breathtaking Caribbean views for an entire evening, reserve a table at Club de Pesca. This seaside restaurant allows diners to enjoy a meal along the waterfront where elegant tables dot the shore and the sounds of lapping water set the mood. Easily one of the best spots for a romantic dinner along the shores of Cartagena.

Romantic Seaside Dinner in Cartagena

2. Marea by Rausch

Hundreds of twinkling lights line the terrace ceiling at Marea, one of the most romantic restaurants in South America thanks to the famous Rausch brothers. Here, you can relish in stunning harbour views as you’re served some truly delicious food. You’ll feel all lovey-dovey with the beautiful walled city of Cartagena lit up in the background.

Most Romantic Restaurants in Cartagena

3. El Burlador Gastrobar

Few things are more romantic than a tantalising flamenco show paired with some of the tastiest tapas in all of Cartagena. While Colombia might be known for its salsa, it’s the flamenco at El Burlador Gastrobar that makes it one of the most romantic restaurants in Cartagena. The combination of quality food, live music, and red wine make this spot perfect for any special occasion.

Date Night Restaurants in Cartagena

4. ERRE de Ramón Freixa

Guests rave about the food here, but it’s the spectacular views that are the most passion-inducing aspect of ERRE de Ramón Freixa.  The dimly-lit atmosphere pairs perfectly well with the intriguing, inventive dishes they serve. After tantalising your taste buds, enjoy a relaxing evening in a tranquil atmosphere that’s sure to make your date night special.

5. Restaurante 1621

An exquisite mix of flavours and textures is what makes the food at Restaurante 1621 so great. As the premier French restaurant in Cartagena, this place is used to receiving passionate couples in search of an evening of romance. And, it’s located inside of the Hotel Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena. So, after a sumptuous meal, you can explore the hotel’s famous bar El Coro.

6. Mar y Zielo

There’s something undeniably romantic about this place. And, they work to infuse that romance into every aspect of the dining experience at Mar y Zielo. Everything, from the decor and atmosphere to the quality of service is well thought out. The decor alone is enough to make your heart race, in the best way possible. You’re going to want to explore every inch of this place.

7. Lila’s Pomarossa

Intimate, candlelit tables, hanging greenery and inventive dishes set the stage for a romantic evening at Lila’s Pomarossa. You’ll find a unique fusion of Austrian and Bolivian flavours here, along with exquisite cocktails that pair perfectly with whatever you order. It’s easy to see why even the locals think this is one of the most romantic restaurants in Cartagena.

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