7 Best Slovakian Instagram

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Slovakia

Slovakia is known for its dramatic natural landscape and many castles. The pretty Old Town area of Bratislava has charming cobblestone streets and cosy old-fashioned bars.

Despite being a small country, there’s so much to explore here. Go snow-sledding in the mountains and boat trips on the Danube River. Plus, it’s just a short train trip from Vienna.

If you want to take some great Slovakian Instagram photos during your holiday, be sure to visit these seven top spots.

1. Blue Church

This church is officially known as the Church of St Elizabeth of Hungary, but commonly referred to simply as ‘the Blue Church’ for obvious reasons. Absolutely everything in the church is blue, including the blue ceramic tiles on the roof.


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2. Tatras Mountains

The impressive snowy Tatras Mountains create a natural border between Slovakia and Poland.

You’ll find viewing points, glacial lakes, ski resorts and even a ski bungee jump. Get the cable car to Lomnicky Stit peak for an insane Slovakian Instagram photo.


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3. Paradise National Park

A natural gem in Slovakia, Paradise National Park has over 350 caves, waterfalls and canyons to hike through. Crossing the rivers here is like doing an obstacle course full of wooden or metal ladders, bridges, and chains.

Ideal for nature lovers.


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4. Spiš castle

Does this castle look familiar? You might recognise it from several movies like Dragonheart or The Last Legion that were filmed here.

The medieval castle dates back to the 12th century and is a must-see when in Slovakia.


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5. Karst and Domica Cave

Domica Cave lies on the Slovak-Hungarian border and is part of a 25 km long cave system, which you tour on a guided boat. The cave is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1995.


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6. Orava Castle

One the most beautiful in Slovakia, in the northern Orava Castle is on a high rock above Orava river.

You can see torture rooms and ancient weapons collections, and be sure to get a ticket for the castle’s chapel.


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7. UFO Tower, Bratislava

Enjoy a panoramic view of Bratislava city from this open-air observation deck. You reach the top via a 45 second elevator ride (not ideal for people scared of heights!)

The tower is looks just like a UFO and inside you’ll find a fine dining restaurant and cocktail bar. Don’t forget the camera because the view from up here is amazing.


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