The 7 Most Instagram In The Hamptons

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In The Hamptons

It’s not summer in New York without seeing a million photos on social media of the East End looking bouj AF. There’s so many beautiful things to Instagram in the Hamptons that you almost don’t need a guide.

But hey, less time planning = more time on those white sandy beaches. Here’s our favourites places to Instagram in the Hamptons.

Instagrammable spots in the HamptonsHow do these rankings work?

1. Cooper’s Beach

Cooper’s Beach consistently receives high rankings on the lists of the best beaches in America, no doubt due to the white sandy shore along the Atlantic Ocean. The sandy dunes and Atlantic waves are an added bonus to the scenic umbrellas.

Instagram the Hamptons

2. Shock Ice Cream

This vivid and oh-so-tasty ice cream spot is a must when in the area. There’s over 60 flavours of refreshing ice cream to choose from; the creations here are amazingly Instagrammable. Order the Carnival Cone – soft serve with a big cloud of cotton candy.

Shock Ice Cream in Hamptons

3. Wölffer Estate Vineyard

Sipping a glass of organic rose wine in the middle of a lush vineyard is the ultimate Instagram snap in the Hamptons. Feast on award-winning wines and a wonderful selection of cheese and charcuterie platters. You can also explore the private wine cellars.

Wölffer Estate Vineyard in Hamptons

4. Ruschmeyer’s

This beautiful boutique hotel is an amazing place to stay – and snap – in Montauk. It has a cabin-style vibe, with picnic tables, fire pits, hammocks, and charcoal grills, evoking those nostalgic summer camp memories.

Ruschmeyer's in hamptons

5. Navy Beach

Navy Beach is the place where locals and visitors alike flock for the best sunset views in the Hamptons. It’s a beachfront restaurant on 200-feet of private beach overlooking Fort Pond Bay, and is a hot-spot for yachts.

Navy Beach

6. The Lobster Roll AKA Lunch

If you want a nostalgic 4th of July-inspired Insta shot then this cute roadside seafood shack is ideal. The food here is almost too gorgeous to eat. Order the Hot Lobster Roll with tasty chunks of hot lobster meat in butter, with toasted hot dog buns on the side and homemade creamy coleslaw.

The Lobster Roll AKA Lunch

7.  Montauk Point Lighthouse

Montauk Point Lighthouse is the fourth oldest active lighthouse in the United States. It also happens to be one of the prettiest, making it an essential sight to see when in the area.

Montauk Point Lighthouse
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