Pretty Cherry Blossom Airbnb in Japan

This Outrageously Pretty Cherry Blossom Airbnb Just Opened In Japan

You know how many Airbnbs around the world can be mere functional places to rest your head? Well, that’s certainly not the case with this unique apartment in Japan.

The Cherry Blossom Airbnb opened in December and looks so pretty; you could be walking into a magazine shoot the second you stride through the pink entrance…

Pink entrance in Cherry Blossom Airbnb Capsule hotels in Cherry Blossom Airbnb

For something to stand out in Tokyo it has to be really special, given the design focus within the city, Harijuku culture as well as its capsule hotels and world class architecture.

By taking inspiration from a cherry blossom theme they’ve nailed it in this apartment.

Cherry Blossom Airbnb apartment

Unique apartment in Japan

The apartment will set you back around $250 (depending on time of year) and sleeps up to 6 people.

main bed in Cherry Blossom Airbnb Living Room in Cherry Blossom Airbnb

And the gorgeous design extends to the rooftop terrace which is the perfect entertaining spot with views across the city. Rooftop terrace in Cherry Blossom Airbnb Moshi Moshi Room Cherry Blossom Airbnb

The standout design feature is the illuminated cherry blossom tree that extends over the main bed.

Imagine drifting off to sleep with those pastel flowers above your head?

Illuminated cherry blossom tree Cherry Blossom Airbnb

And the apartment even comes with cherry blossom bathrobes and slippers to make you feel at home in this floral abode.

cherry blossom bathrobes and slippersAll you’ll have to do now is work out where to take that perfect Instagram shot to capture the magic of the place in all its glory.

The world should have more Cherry Blossom Airbnb apartments if you ask us. Apartment Bathroom Pretty Vanity Area

You can see the full listing and all of the photos here.

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