Ukrainian Dishes

7 Traditional Ukrainian Dishes To Try In Kyiv

Ukraine is the beating heart of Slavic culture. Stunning Orthodox churches, bustling nightlife and plenty of historical sites make it a big choice for travellers of all ages. Another strong point for Ukraine is its food. It’s rich in meat, natural ingredients and herbs, making it easily enjoyable by tourists. If you are planning to head to Kiev, be sure to try some of these traditional Ukrainian dishes before leaving.

Traditional Ukrainian Dishes To Try In Kiev

1. Vareniki

First up is delicious vareniki, the Ukrainian love child of Poland’s pierogi and Russia’s pelmeni. They are typically filled with your choice of savoury filling such as meat or potatoes though they can also be sweet. You can find them all over Kiev, but Varenychna Katyusha does them best.

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2. Borscht

Next up, this classic scarlet soup is a must when in the Ukrainian capital. Known for its deep red colour and hearty stew texture, it’s a hit for everyone. The prime ingredients are beetroots, bone broth and beef. It’s hearty, comforting and a favourite among tourists and locals alike. Have yourself a big bowl at Pervak.

3. Chicken Kiev

Tenderised filets filled with butter, covered in bread crumbs and deep-fried to perfection create Chicken Kiev. While critics debate its exact origins, most agree that a Moscovite chef invented the dish in the mid-1800s. Nonetheless, Ukrainians have adopted it, and luckily it is easily found all over the capital. Enjoy some delicious chicken Kiev at Sho.

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4. Deruny

Light and fluffy American pancakes and salty hashbrowns make the perfect deruny. These Ukrainian potato pancakes are a Ukrainian classic and easy to find throughout Kiev. Enjoy it with a big dollop of sour cream at Petrus.

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5. Golubtsi

Golubtsi is tomatoey, savoury and a Slavic classic. These Ukrainian cabbage rolls filled with spiced minced meat and rice are the perfect dinner option. Sink your teeth into some delicious Golubtsi at Pervak.

Ukrainian Dishes
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6. Syrniki

Breakfast lovers must try these tasty bites when in Kiev. Palm-sized quark cheese pancakes are expertly grilled and smothered in a topping of your choice. Take your pick from sour cream and berries, fresh jam, honey and more with this Ukrainian breakfast staple. Enjoy them as a breakfast or brunch at Public Cafe.

Ukrainian Dishes
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7. Blini

Last but not least, we’ve got the Ukrainian pancake. Paper thin crepes made from buckwheat flour are evenly grilled before being filled with a variety of garnishes. In addition to the filling options, you can have them rolled or flat. Order a few with cheese, egg and pancetta at The Cake, and you’ll be dreaming about them for days.

Ukrainian Dishes
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