7 Of The Best bars Kiev

7 Of The Best Bars In Kiev

Kiev is an exciting mix of east-meets-west, with a nightlife scene that can almost rival Berlin. Artisan cocktail bars, basement Speakeasies and a vibrant atmosphere makes Kiev a seriously fun city to party in.

Looking for somewhere special to have a night out in Ukraine? These are the 7 best bars in Kiev…

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1. Parovoz Speakeasy

You’ll have to find the entrance at an old movie theatre to enter this iconic speakeasy bar. Jazz music and black and white films play every night and it’s a favourite of locals and visitors. Come for the unique atmosphere, stay for both the cocktail classics and “twists”.

Parovoz Speakeasy Bars In Kiev

2. Check-In Kyiv Bar

Step behind the secret door of one of the closets near Chicken Kyiv restaurant and you’ll find yourself in this 1970s retro-style bar. Cocktails are divided into either aperitifs or digestifs and use unique ingredients to create drinks you can’t try anywhere else.

Check-In Kyiv Bar In Kiev

3. Alchemist

Alchemist is a cosy, elegant bar with an absolutely bangin’ dance floor, with live music on regularly. They do fantastic cocktails from every type of spirit you could possibly want, as well as warming Hot Cocktails to heat you up in the cold months. A city classic.

Alchemist Bars

4. Barman Dictat

Yet another slick basement bar in Kiev, Barman Dictat is pretty hard to find (it’s in a courtyard off the main Khreschatyk street) but once you’re in you’ll be rewarded with a clever drinks menu and buzzing bar. Ideal for finishing the evening in.

Barman Dictat Bars

5. Pink Freud

First off, how amazing is the name?! Pink Freud is a popular cocktail bar that divides its cocktail menu into sweet, sour, strong, and refreshing cocktails, so you’re sure to find the perfect tipple every time. Drinks are creative and perfectly Instagrammable.

Pink Freud Bars In Kiev

6. Ostannya Barykada

This is an interesting bar inspired by three modern Ukrainian revolutions: Student Revolution on the Granite 1990, Orange Revolution 2004 and the Revolution of Dignity (Euromaidan) 2014. True to its colours, it serves only 100% Ukrainian food and alcohol. It’s one of the coolest bars/restaurants in Kiev.

 Ostannya Barykada

7. S34

Not just a bar, this trendy spot is also home to a barber shop if you need a haircut as well as a drink. S34 is in the Podil neighbourhood, one of the city’s most cultural areas. With a sleek design and strong ideas, superb cocktail names include ‘Selfie’, ‘Yeezy’, and ‘F*ck Trump’. We love.


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