Things To Do In Kiev

7 Unmissable Things To Do In Kiev

Ukraine is a wonderfully diverse, culturally rich and exciting country that’s so much more than you would ever expect.

Apart from its hip coffee and bar scene, there’s heaps of other things to do in Kiev – we’ve got the must-see attractions in the city.

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1. Get your culture fix at PinchukArtCentre

This superb art gallery has become an international hub for contemporary art, developing the Ukrainian art scene. The PinchukArtCentre occupies six floors with exhibition spaces on four floors, library, education room, book store, video-lounge and café.

PinchukArtCentre  In Kiev

2. Go down to the world’s deepest Metro Station

Arsenalna Metro Station is the deepest subway station in the world, lying nearly 350 feet (105.5 meters) beneath the city. Taking the escalator up and down to the station takes almost five minutes, which is why you’ll see locals running on the stairs instead.

Arsenalna Metro Station In Kiev

3. Tour the Cherynobl nuclear zone

Take a tour of the haunting Cherynoble disaster zone to learn about the nuclear incident, the devastating effects it still has on the community today and discover a snapshot of 1980s Communist life in Ukraine. You’ll also visit Pripyat, a ghost town located just next to the nuclear plant.

Chernobyl Tour  In Kiev

4. Take fun photos at Pejzazna Alley

Hidden in the cosy yard in the Old Kyiv’s very centre, this ‘Landscape Alley’ is the favourite strolling place for Kyiv locals. Mosaic sculptures add a splash of colour and there’s also a children’s playground ‘Alice in the Wonderland’, whose carousels and slides are shaped like the characters of the namesake fairy-tale by Lewis Carrol.

Pejzazna Alley In Kiev

5. Chill on the beach at Hydropark

Spread over two islands, this popular urban beach is packed with cafes, discos, boat rides, volleyball and other water sport activities. Have a kebab and a few beers, and sunbathe for the afternoon. If you’re really brave, work up the courage to do the 30m bungee jump.

Hydropark beach  

6. Visit the Museum of Unnecessary Things

This unusual museum has a fascinating collection of things that some consider trash but have been turned into treasure.  Over one million items have made their way to this unusual attraction since it opened in 1943, including the world’s first vacuum cleaner, a gramophone, and the prototype of an early walker.

Museum In Kiev

7. Explore the many beautiful Orthodox Churches

You can’t visit Kiev and not spend a morning discovering the many colourful domed churches in the city. Religion and spirituality run deep in Ukrainian culture, and you can find many beautiful monasteries, cathedrals and churches all around Kiev.

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery

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