Best treehouses to rent in the world

7 Treehouses You Can Stay In That Will Blow Your Mind

As kids growing up we all either had one or wanted one – so we thought we’d find the very best treehouses for rent around the world. These are the cosy dens you can spend a night in for the sleepover of your childhood dreams.

Just because we grow up doesn’t mean we don’t want to stay in a treehouse, right?

With so much noise in the city and the constant distraction of our smartphones, you can even use these spots as an excuse for a digital detox.

If you’ve ever wondered where to find treehouses for rent you need look no further…

Amazing treehouses you can spend a night inHow do these rankings work?

1. Willow Treehouse – New York, USA

The Willow Treehouse is settled among the trees, overlooking a small, swimmable pond, on a pretty woodland property just 15 minutes away from the town of Woodstock.

It sleeps two people, and is the perfect romantic getaway with a fire you can light in the colder months.

The stunning design fits in with the local landscape and you can truly feel at one with nature.

Willow treehouse New York

2. Intown Treehouse – Atlanta, Georgia, nritiUSA

The place is so popular that is was named “the most wished for property on Airbnb”.

The treehouse consists of tree separate areas – Mind, Body and Spirit – each connected by rope-bridges. To truly see the magic of the place and understand its captivating nature, it is best to see it at night all lit up with fairy lights.

Stunning treehouses for rent

3. Tree Hotel – Harads, Sweden

This unique hotel combines modern treehouses in the Swedish woodlands that let you get away from nature. They all come in different designs, ranging from a mirrored treehouse to a UFO themed space.

They are super luxurious on the inside and easily some of the best treehouses for rent in the world today.

Treehouse for rent

Swedish Treehouse for rent

4. Free Spirit Spheres – British Columbia, Canada

These unusual spheres or capsules are not your traditional treehouses, but they do allow you to sleep high up among the trees and experience a magical evening.

The bunk beds and cosy nature of the spheres make it feel like you are camping, but a glance outside shows you are up among the trees. A truly unique experience.

5. Treehouse Point – Washington, USA

Just 30 minutes from Seattle, these treehouses are the perfect space to get away from it all. They are also hired out for weddings and special events.

With the sound of the river running nearby and the calmness of the woods, this really is the perfect place to escape the noise of the city.

Treehouse for rent best in world

Treehouse point

6. The Family Friendly Treehouse – Austin, Texas

This is the perfect place to bring your family to give the kids an experience that they will remember their entire lives.

The treehouses float in the air, with walkways and have super plush interiors including cooking facilities. You are never going to want to leave this place.

Glamping treehouse for rent

7. Treetop Hideaways – Flindstone, Georgia, USA

This rustic and refined treehouse provides a comfortable treetop retreat.

Part glamping, part boutique hotel, the space is a climate controlled hideaway complete with a bathroom and kitchenette up in the trees. It sleeps up to three people and is the perfect escape.

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