The 7 Best Vancouver Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Vancouver

In this great bustling city you’d expect to find some seriously good burgers and the good news is you are not going to be disappointed. Vancouver burgers are quite simply as good as they get.

We’ve rounded up the 7 very best burgers in town, so all you have to do is focus on eating your way through the list. Just maybe don’t try and do them all in one day…

The Best Vancouver Burgers

1. L’abattoir

This bad boy is a burger to save up for the weekend, as it features as the star of the show on the brunch menu. Once you eat this burger that is so technically brilliant, you’ll want to come back every week.
Vancouver Burgers

2. Uli’s

Uli’s take pride in their true farm-to-table values by sourcing products throughout British Columbia and using only the finest ingredients. They only serve their legendary burgers at brunch, but it’s well worth getting out of bed for – trust us.
Uli’s Burgers in Vancouver

3. Campagnolo Upstairs 

Go upstairs in Campagnolo Restaurant (which has perfected rustic Italian cuisine) to their slick cocktail bar and a bite to eat. They are known across the city for the Dirty Burger, with limited availability every night, so get in early.

Campagnolo Upstairs  in Vancouver

4. Monarch Burger – Vancouver, British Columbia

What’s so special about Monarch Burger? How about the fact that they age their beef 45 days, grind it fresh daily and hand form every burger. Throw in the fact that start each service with buns still warm from the oven; soft, delicate, and lightly browned with butter, and you have something SO good.

Monarch Burgers

5. Bells and Whistles – Vancouver, British Columbia

Bells and Whistles serve juicy cheeseburgers made with organic BC beef that is superbly tender. Toppings include rosemary bacon and fried pickles, which take things up a notch. Throw in some of their soft serve ice cream to finish things off and you have yourself a very special place indeed.

Bells and Whistles Hamburger

6. Pourhouse – Vancouver, British Columbia

Pourhouse is a Gastown staple for a few drinks and a bite to eat. All of the food is made using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, and it shows in the outstanding flavours. Their Pourhouse Burger with Pork Belly, Caramelised Onion and Gruyere Cheese is our top pick.

Pourhouse Hamburger in Vancouver

7. Hawksworth Restaurant

One of the coolest fine dining restaurants you’ll ever have the luck to dine in Vancouver. While their food is super and the choices many  you’d be foolish to ignore the burger on the lunch menu. Divine.

Hawksworth Restaurant Burger

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