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7 Reasons To Check Out Virtual Reality Studio In Auckland

How does climbing a mountain and blasting off into space all in the same day sound to you? What was once impossible is now reality – well, virtual reality, which is the latest gaming technology that needs to be experienced to be believed.

Simply put on the HTC Vive headset, and teleport into new adventures.

Virtual Reality Studio is New Zealand’s first virtual reality entertainment centre, and there’s so much more to VR than you probably think. Whether you’re a local looking for something fun to do with friends or you’re here on vacation, we’ve got 7 tempting reasons to check out Virtual Reality Studio in Auckland.

1. You can discover new worlds and experience things you never thought possible

Virtual Reality (VR) literally makes it possible to experience anything, anywhere, anytime. Intrigued? We thought you might be… At Virtual Reality Studio you can go diving in the deep sea with turtles and sharks, blast off to space as part of the Apollo 11 crew or walk a virtual plank high above the ground.

Virtual Reality Auckland

2. VR is suitable for all ages – so everyone can join in on the fun

VR is suitable for all ages (although it’s best for 6+). An ideal option for your next family day out, kids can play Minecraft-like games and puzzles, the grown-ups can play VR paintball and elderly members of the family can explore new worlds from the comfort of their seats.

Virtual Reality Studio also has a range of team building games- something to consider for your next corporate fun day or that anxiety-inducing first date.

Minecraft games and puzzles in Auckland

3. Peckish? Virtual Reality Studio has cafe facilities to refuel in between games

All that gaming is hard work, right? Get whatever notions you may have of dark, dingy, gaming rooms out of your head, as Virtual Reality Studio in Auckland is as bright and funky as can be. Grab a coffee, cold beverage or tasty snack to keep you going while you immerse yourself in a new virtual world.

Virtual Reality Auckland

4. You can play classic games in their Retro Room

The uber-cool Retro Room is free post-booking, so after you’ve had your fun with the future you can have even more fun with a time-capsule of history’s greatest consoles and arcade games from the past.

Get to grips with “all you can eat” arcade machines, with over 600 games to choose from, including Donkey Kong and Mario Kart.

VR Retro Room in Auckland

5. Choose from two unique VR experiences – or try them both!

Virtual Reality Studio offers two VR experiences: VR Play & VR Plus.

VR Play is room-scale game play at its finest, with the freedom of movement & improvisation in your gaming. Roam around with motion trackers as you shoot down pirates in space.

VR Plus is an intimate seated gamers lounge that’s fantastic for aviation and car enthusiasts, as well as space, earth and and sea travel games.

6. You can also go head-to-head with your friends in multiplayer games

This is where competitive folk are going to shine, as you battle it out on multiplayer games in both the VR Play and VR Plus sessions. Virtual Reality Studio also has  a Pacman Battle Royale Arcade machine for cannibalistic 4-player Pacman games. 

VR Multiplayer games in Auckland

7. And staff are on hand to ensure you get the most out of your VR session

Whether you’re new to all sorts of gaming or are a VR pro, the staff at Virtual Reality Studio in Auckland are super customer focused, tailoring each session to suit the individual and providing one-on-one care to each guest, allowing all skill levels to enjoy their session.

They’re also fully NZ owned and operated, with their own kiwi-flavoured Robot Helper (Chip) and his sidekick sheep (RAM) for a unique in-VR experience.

Virtual Reality Auckland

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