7 Best Seattle Instagram

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Seattle

Seattle is famous as a city for many things but especially its stunning beauty, as it’s surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests.

It’s also the home to some amazing big businesses with Amazon being a prime example. With so much to take in we decided to do all the hard work and list the 7 must-visit Seattle Instagram spots

1. Fremont Troll

Without doubt one of the most unique photos you’ll ever capture. Extra points for clambering up on the sculpture’s hand and getting a photo here with nobody else in the shot.


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2. Kerry Park

Walk up here and photograph not just one of the best Seattle Instagram shots but one that’s up there with any in the world. Absolutely stunning.


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3. Chihuly Garden and Glass

It’s as if this spot was made for Instagram alone.

The only problem you’ll have here is getting the shot alone and clearing people out of the background…


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4. Pike Place Market

Farmers’ markets are always a great place to get unique and colourful photos.

Pike Place market though is even more iconic with its unique signage and old school vibes. A must on any Seattle Instagram list.


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5. Orient Express Restaurant

This super quirky old rail carriage is an unlikely but brilliant spot for a night out. Given that you’ll be all dressed up you’ll get a great Instagram photo either inside or outside.

You’ll find them here.


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6. Bainbridge Island Ferry

It might seem like a lot of effort to ride a ferry just to get that perfect Seattle Instagram shot but this really is the best place to see the city.

You won’t regret this trip. You’ll find the ferry here. 


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7. The Freeway Park

Tucked away the heart of the city is this concrete artwork masterpiece. You’ll find all the right angles here to get your perfect Instagram shot.


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