7 Best Georgia Instagram

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Georgia

A unique country where Europe meets Asia, Georgia is a hidden gem for your travels in 2019.

The capital city of Tbilisi is having a real moment right now. Its cobblestoned old town reflects a long, complicated history, with periods under Persian and Russian rule. Pretty art nouveau buildings make for superb Instagrams though.

Want to get the best Georgia Instagram photos? We’ve picked the 7 top spots to get your holiday snaps.

1. Bridge of Peace

One of the most-visited landmarks in Tbilisi, the Peace Bridge is a symbol of new Georgia and connects the old town with the new district. It’s covered in thousands of tiny LED lights that turn on 90 minutes before sunset.

A must-see for an eye catching Georgia Instagram photo.


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2. Abanotubani

“Abanotubani” is the name given to the area in the Old Town of Tbilisi where there’s a whole street of public bathhouses. They use the sulphur waters that come directly from local hot springs.

A unique experience in Georgia.


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3. Fabrika

A “space for rebellious minds to share and create”, Fabrika is insanely cool. A graffiti shop, cafe, bar, fairy lit courtyard and hostel all in one.

There’s even a photo booth vintage bus for that memorable Georgia Instagram photo. Don’t miss out on a visit to this fantastic space.


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4. Uplistsike

The ancient cave town of Uplistsike is a perfect day trip if you fancy exploring these beautiful structures. The town was once a stop-off on the Silk Road route and some of the cave houses have intricate carvings inside.


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5. Orbeliani Bath House

No time to explore the entire Abanotubani street? Head straight to Orbeliani Bath House for an Instagrammable photo of its blue-tiled exterior.

The Oriental vibes will make your snap look incredible.


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6. Kaleidoscope House

The only stained glass house in the city of Tbilisi, this beauty is an architectural jewel. On a sunny day when the light makes the coloured glass really shine, there’s no better place for a Georgia Instagram photoshoot.

It used to be a private home but is now open to the public.


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7. Katskhi Pillar

Yes, that is a church on top of a 13-foot limestone rock. Even more incredible is the fact that one solitary monk still lives there.

A rusty ladder will lead you to the top, but be aware that local customs mean that women aren’t allowed to climb it.


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