7 Best Bars In Baltimore

7 Of The Best Bars In Baltimore

Baltimore is often overlooked by nearby Washington as a prime destination for nightlife options. But, in this big harbour town, not only are there plentiful things to do, there are also lots of great bars in Baltimore.

Here are the seven best bars in Baltimore to have a few cocktails or laid-back beers…

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1. The Elk Room

The Elk Room has only been on the scene in Baltimore for two years but in 2018, was already on the list of Best Bars in America. The bar boasts a unique feel and the drinks are legit and known for their presentation and excellent flavours.

If you come to one of Baltimore’s best pubs, you must have their best drink, which is a bourbon-mixed cocktail called Fool’s Gold.

The Elk Room in Baltimore

2. Max’s Taphouse

Max’s Taphouse is actually a gastropub and is a locals go-to spot for the best beers while catching the big sports game. This bar features an extensive menu of over 100 rotating draft beers and over 2,000 (two-thousand!) bottled beers to choose from!

You better have a specific beer on your mind when you come to Max’s, or else you might spend the rest of the night trying to get through that beer menu!

Max's Taphouse Bar in Baltimore

3. Of Love & Regrets

You might be feeling a bit of both after a night out at Of Love & Regrets, but we’re here to tell you, it’ll probably be worth it. Of Love & Regrets is also a gastropub that features funky shots-and-beers combinations as well as cocktails and craft beer.

They make some delicious martinis here and if that’s what you like, try their Hairdresser on Fire martini.

Of Love & Regrets Bar in Baltimore

4. W.C. Harlan

W.C. Harlan is definitely one of the best cocktail places in Baltimore because of its great Prohibition-era, speakeasy vibes and expertly-made, handcrafted cocktails. There’s plenty of charm at this old-school bar, including the actual entrance to this bar, which is a side door entrance that has “entrance” written in white chalk.

W.C. Harlan is definitely on the affordable side as beers here are cheap, like $3 cheap, so get that or upgrade to any one of their $8 cocktails.

W.C. Harlan Bar in Baltimore

5. Rye

Rye is a craft cocktail bar in one of Baltimore’s swankier neighbourhoods and are known for their innovative cocktails. This bar is definitely where the hipsters come out to play and Rye embraces it with their “Vote Against Prohibition” sign proudly displaying on the brick wall.

Since you’re at Rye, we’re guessing you’ll want a good rye drink here. They don’t disappoint with their Coin Operated Boy, a Rittenhouse rye-starring, cocktail.

Rye Bar in Baltimore

6. The Brewer’s Art

For the best craft beer in Baltimore, you need to come to Brewer’s Art for that. This classy brewpub is located in the historic area of Baltimore and the building proudly shows its age.

You definitely came here for a good brew so try one of their lighter, excellently-crafted, house-made, Belgian-style beers. A refreshing drink for a hot summer’s day!

The Brewer's Art Bar

7. 13th Floor

If you don’t believe in superstitions, make your way up to the 13th Floor at this classy bar with the best views of Baltimore. The bar is in the Belvedere Hotel and has a swanky, upscale vibe with mood-setting, dim lighting.

Try their excellent bourbon-based cocktail, The Fitzgerald, and enjoy it while taking in the amazing views of Baltimore.

13th Floor Bar

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