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7 Of The Best Bars In Beijing

While Beijing might be known as the Forbidden City, there’s nothing forbidden about some of the great bars in Beijing. From brewpubs to cocktail bars, they put their own spin on some classic drinks and make it their own.

Here are the seven best bars in Beijing.

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1. Great Leap Brewing

Great Leap Brewing is a large part of Beijing’s ever-so-popular craft brewing beer scene and has a few locations. The beers here are brewed frequently and they also feature a seasonal selection of great beers.

Their moneymaker is the Honey Ma Gold and Little General IPA, so try both while you’re here.

Great Leap Brewing Beijing

2. Mesh

Mesh Bar is located in the chic hotel The Opposite House and is definitely one of the swankier bars in Beijing. The room has a sophisticated feel to it with its dark lighting that is complemented by the green accents in the bar and leather chairs for seating.

At this upscale bar, you need to try any of their Martinis which is their specialty here.

Mesh Bar

3. Beer Mania

As you can probably guess by the name, they serve a lot of beer at Beer Mania. It is the best place to come to for Belgian beers as their collection is quite vast, and they also have some Belgian snacks to devour.

At a Belgian-theme bar in Beijing, you gotta get the best that Belgium has to offer: go for the classic Delirium Tremens.

Beer Mania Beijing

4. Elements Club

Elements Club is the premier destination for nightlife partying in Beijing. More club than bar, Elements is packed almost on a nightly basis and becomes even more rowdy when the local football team finishes their match and makes their way next door to Elements.

So if you have your dancing shoes on and are looking to have a few cocktails as well, Elements Club is where the party is at in Beijing.

Elements Club Beijing

5. Janes and Hooch

Janes and Hooch is one of Beijing’s best bars and was on Asia’s 50 Best Bars back in 2018. This bar has some character and hipness to it and they are known for their phenomenally creative cocktails.

Like their New Fashioned cocktail which is just an upgraded version of an Old Fashioned but with walnut-infused rum and cacao bitters in it. Simply amazing!

Janes and Hooch Bar

6. The Vending Machine

The Vending Machine is a hip and hidden bar whose entrance is flanked by a wall of vending machines that lead you into the bar. This bar is also a bit different in that their drinks are draft cocktails, so they are made in advance awaiting for you to drink them.

If you don’t feel like having tap cocktails, you can order one fresh from their bartender and then you can venture around and play some old-school arcade games here.

The Vending Machine Bar Beijing

7. Scandal Bar

There is nothing scandalous about Scandal Bar and, on the contrary, it has a very straightforward, tropical vibe. At this hip bar, you’ll come across palm trees and some surprisingly, strong cocktails.

Give the Almond Cocktail a go here and notice the complexity and strength of the flavours in this dynamic beverage.

Scandal Bar Beijing

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