The 7 Best Hotels In Beijing

Beijing boasts a population of over 21 million people, so you can be sure that there will be some fantastic hotels here. The hotel market might even be a tad bit oversaturated in the Forbidden City and that is reflected in the prices of hotels in Beijing.

Room rates at the swankiest chain hotels in Beijing run for a lot less than they would in any other city, which is great news for travellers.

Looking for somewhere to rest your head after a day exploring? Here are the seven best hotels in Beijing.

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1. The Peninsula Beijing

The Peninsula Beijing is a magnificent hotel that recently underwent a $130 million refurbishment to further wow its guests. Now, with a deluxe and pristine interior design, The Peninsula still has much of the charm it had before the renovation, with its Chinese-style red roof. The room’s have also been upgraded as well and now the sound, light, and heat are now controllable through a tablet.

A one-night stay at this lavish hotel in Beijing will cost you about $250 USD per night.

The Peninsula Beijing

2. Rosewood Beijing

The Rosewood Beijing has only been on the scene for five years, but they have made an serious impact with their fine attention to detail in this luxurious hotel. The rooms are modern and chic and offer high-class amenities and a tranquility that is second to none.

Stay at the Rosewood Beijing for about $250 USD per night.

Rosewood Hotel Beijing

3. The Opposite House

The Opposite House is one Beijing’s finest hotels with a minimalist focus. This hotel is in a central area of Beijing and receives great reviews for their modern and cool rooms that is contemporary with hints of traditional Chinese influences.

A one night stay at The Opposite House will cost you about $250 USD per night.

The Opposite House

4. The PuXuan Hotel and Spa

The PuXuan Hotel and Spa is a sophisticated and charming hotel that is a perfect spot for a romantic getaway. Thanks to its discreet location, this hotel features traditional Chinese design that mixes with minimalist decor. The result is one of Beijing’s most stylish and relaxing chic hotels.

A one night getaway at PuXuan Hotel and Spa will cost you roughly $400 USD per night.

PuXuan Hotel and Spa

5. Waldorf Astoria Beijing

Another 5-star luxury chain hotel is the Waldorf Astoria Beijing. This fancy hotel is arguably Beijing’s most beautiful hotel thanks to its glamorous exterior along with hints of copper and bronze throughout the hotel.

$250 USD per night is what it will cost you to stay at the Waldorf Astoria Beijing.

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Beijing

6. VUE Hotel Houhai Beijing

VUE Hotel Houhai Beijing is a small, boutique hotel that sports just 80 rooms but provides ultimate luxury for guests. The hotel itself is in a now-modern 1950’s government compound, and the hotel itself features exclusivity and the ultra-modern amenities of a large chain hotel.

It only costs about $200 USD per night to stay at VUE.

VUE Hotel Houhai Beijing

7. Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

The last of the great and luxurious chain hotels, the Four Seasons Beijing is another contemporary luxury hotel in Beijing’s embassy district. The rooms are elegant and conservative in design and their spa facilities and treatment are among the best in Beijing.

Come for a relaxing getaway at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing and pay roughly $250 USD per night.

Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

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