7 Of The Best Bars In Buenos Aires

7 Of The Best Bars In Buenos Aires

While Argentina is one of the best wine producing countries in the world – hellooo Malbec – in recent years there’s been a surge of sleek cocktail bars, microbreweries and speakeasies, especially in Buenos Aires.

Looking for a cosy little spot for a cocktail or somewhere to spend the night partying? We’ve found the city’s best bars – good times guaranteed.

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1. Florería Atlantico

Hidden beyond a seemingly innocent storefront of a flower and wine shop lies one of the best bars in Buenos Aires.

This speakeasy joint is in a basement and takes inspiration for its decor and drinks menu from the many immigrants that helped shape the country.

Florería Atlantico Bars In Buenos Aires

2. Vico Wine Bar

This wine bar with a difference has over 140 varieties of vino, which you help yourself to from self service Wineemotion dispensers. Feel free to ask a few questions of the bartender if you want any recommendations, then insert a card in the machine and pour yourself a degustación (35ml), media copa (75 ml) or copa (150 ml).

Vico Wine Bar In Buenos Aires

3. Aldonza Bar

You could easily miss the staircase leading up to this bar in the heart of residential Belgrano, but make sure you don’t pass it by – the cocktails are fun and boozy and the vibes laid back. Aldonza also does tasty snacks if you need some soakage.

Aldonza Bar In Buenos Aires

4. Verne Cocktail Club

This Buenos Aires speakeasy is inspired by the works of Jules Verne, with rich velvet fabrics, Ottoman-style rugs and cocktails to match. The perfect place for date night, it’s just the right amount of sophistication and fun.

. Verne Cocktail Club

5. Espacio Ro

Taking inspiration from all things to do with electronic culture, this authentic techno bar in the heart of Palermo is fun and lively. It’s one of the hottest bars in the city for a long night of dancing. You’ll find DJs spinning tunes on the dancefloor and an outdoor patio area.

Espacio Ro Bar In Buenos Aires

6. 878

A casual, unpretentious speakeasy-style bar, look out for no. 878 on the quiet street and you’ll find ‘ocho siete ocho’. Ring the bell to stumble into the dark, cosy bar. The cocktails are pure class, as is the local food such as corn tortilla with braised pork, verdeo and cheese.

Best bars Buenos Aires

7. Cafe Tortini

This is a a proper Buenos Aires watering hole, with regular live shows, music and nightly tango. Ever since a French immigrant named Touan decided to open it at the end of 1858 it has been one of the liveliest places in the entire city. If the walls could talk there would be some great stories to be told!

Cafe Tortini Bistro

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