7 Best Instagrammable Spots In Buenos Aires

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Buenos Aires

A cosmopolitan blend of European grandeur and Latin flair,  Buenos Aires is a vibrant and colourful city – perfect for photography.

Bookstores set in palatial theatres, salsa dancing in the streets and brightly painted neighbourhoods are just some of what makes Buenos Aires so beautiful.

Here’s the 7 best spots you need to add to your list…

1. El Ateneo Grand Splendid

Could this be the most beautiful bookstore in the world? We certainly think so.

The former cinema and theatre opened in 1919 and was converted into a bookshop in 2002. Don’t leave without a stop at the bar – on what was the stage area of the theatre – where you can drink a coffee while reading.


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2. Caminito,  La Boca

A traditional street of 19th century Buenos Aires, el Caminito is a thriving alley of colourful houses and history. You can’t visit the city without a photoshoot here.

Several restaurants offer tango and folk dance shows that will add some extra excitement to your Insta.


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3. Frida Kahlo mural

You’ll spot lots of incredible street art as you wander around the city, but one not to miss is Campos Jesses’ Frida Kahlo at the junction of Dorrego and Cabrera.

The iconic artist is in striking blues and pinks and has never looked more fierce.


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4. The Water Company Palace

Made up of more than 300,000 multicoloured bricks, this historical building is now the headquarters of the water company Aguas Argentinas.

It also contains one of the most unusual museums in the city: it’s home to hundreds of toilets spanning the decades. Take a photo outside by the detailed gates.


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5. Casa Mínima

Located in San Telmo, the city’s narrowest house was part of a home built in the 1820s. The last remaining example in Buenos Aires, it’s thought to have been made for freed slaves who were given a tiny piece of land.

San Telmo itself is a buzzy bohemian neighbourhood, every step here is an opportunity for an amazing photo.


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6. Florería Atlantico

Hidden beyond a seemingly innocent storefront of a flower and wine shop lies one of the best bars in Buenos Aires.

This speakeasy joint is in a basement and takes inspiration for its decor and drinks menu from the many immigrants that helped shape the country.


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7. View from Palacio Borolo

A Dante-inspired office building built by an Italian architect, you’ll get incredible views of the entire city from the rooftop lighthouse.

You’ll need to book a guided tour,to have access to the view, and you’ll also get to ride in the 1920s elevator. Don’t forget the camera for this one.


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