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7 Of The Best Bars In Cairo

When it comes to drinking, locals in Cairo are big on going to their neighbourhood watering holes and devouring a few pints of beer. While beer may be the choice drink of locals, there are tons of bars in Cairo that serve up some great cocktails as well.

These are the seven best bars in Cairo to find a tipple of your choice.

The best bars in CairoHow do these rankings work?

1. Pub 28

When it comes to options for bars, Zamalek is probably your best bet and it is there, where you will find Pub 28. Pub 28 is Cairo’s version of a dive bar and is small and cosy and often, quite loud with all the locals talking loudly.

Come here for the best sangria in Cairo or settle in with the locals and have a pint of beer.

Pub 28 Cairo Bar

2. Cairo Jazz Club

The Cairo Jazz Club is one of Cairo’s go-to spots for nightlife, great live music, and excellent beverages. Despite its name, there is actually a wide variety of music that’s played here, including hip-hop and folk music, to name a few.

Come to this snazzy Jazz Club and have a few cocktails before the live music starts rocking at 10 p.m.

Cairo Jazz Club

3. The Tap

The Tap is one of the more fun bars in Cairo with its easy-going atmosphere complete with live music, arcade machines, and foosball tables. As you would expect at a bar with this name, beers are the beverage of choice here.

Get one of their Egyptian beers that are on tap and share a pitcher of it with your friends at this feel-good bar in Cairo.

The Tap Bar Cairo

4. Crimson Cairo

Crimson Cairo is known for two things: cheap drinks and unbelievable views of Cairo from their rooftop patio. Undeniably one of the bars with the best views in Cairo, their bar name is in reference to their wide selection of red wines.

Grab a glass of red wine and come here for the majestic Cairo sunset.

Crimson Cairo Bar

5. Sass

This bar/lounge brings the sass with its take on a “bar”. At Sass, this open-air bar is actually docked on a boat that is next to the Nile River. As the night progresses, Sass goes full sass and turns into a lounge with light music playing.

Come to Sass for the interesting experience of going to a bar on a boat!

Sass Bar Cairo

6. Stage One

Stage One is a boutique bar that is inside the Conrad Hotel. At this hip and chic bar, they make some of the best cocktails in Cairo and can get especially full during the later evening hours.

Come before 10 p.m. to avoid the crowds and have a cocktail here at Stage One.

Stage One Bar

7. Pier 88

Pier 88 is one of the best combination bar/restaurant in Cairo that caters to tourists and locals tastes. With a location that overlooks the Nile River, the ambiance of Pier 88 is jovial as evidenced by the fact that you just might catch the owner dancing enthusiastically on top of the bar!

Swing by Pier 88 for dinner and then stay for drinks after and enjoy the lively ambiance here.

Pier 88

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