Africa's First Vertical Forest In Cairo

Jungle City: Africa’s First ‘Vertical Forest’ Will Be In Cairo

Africa is getting a splash of greenery with the news that a vertical forest will be built in Cairo.

What’s a vertical forest, we hear you ask? Basically, it’s a new generation of high-rise urban buildings completely covered by the leaves of trees and plants. It’s the brainwave of Italian architect Stefano Boeri, who has designed similar structures across the world.

These new apartment buildings will be in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital, which is under construction in the desert, just east of Cairo. The apartments will be three seven-storey buildings. There’s also plans for a green hotel as part of the project.

There will be balconies with lush trees and shrubs, adding a jungle vibe to the new city. Plants are chosen so that different plants will always be in bloom at different times of the year.

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Here’s what the new vertical forest apartments in Cairo will look like

vertical forest apartments in Cairo

Africa's First Vertical Forest In Cairo

Forget about moving to the countryside – we want to live in a forest city. Stefano Boeri’s designs are also in Milan, Paris, Shanghai and Mumbai, to name a few. Construction on Cairo’s vertical forest will will start in 2020, and should by complete by 2022.

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