7 Best Bars In Detroit

7 Of The Best Bars In Detroit

While Detroit has not always been known for its culinary scene, the city is seeing a surge in creative food and drink hotspots. The rise of these cocktail bars in Detroit also complements their already plentiful number of beer bars.

These are the seven bars in Detroit you need to get your drink on at.

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1. Standby

Standby has only been on the Detroit bar scene for less than five years, but thanks to their tasty cocktails from contemporary bartending techniques, this modern bar is one of the city’s best. They have a selection of over 50 drinks, ensuring you will find something to your liking here.

Try their Kimchi Old Fashioned, a fun, funky, and surprisingly refreshing cocktail.

Nemo's Bar in Detroit

2. Nemo’s Bar

Nemo’s Bar has been around the block in Detroit for over 50 years, serving up drinks for Detroit sports fans. Detroit is a pretty big sports town and whenever there’s a big game in town, locals come crashing at Nemo’s Bar.

You gotta come here on a game night and experience the lively atmosphere and have a pint of beer like the rest of ’em.

Nemo's Bar in Detroit

3. Northern Lights Lounge

Northern Lights Lounge is a great bar in Detroit for live music, fun atmosphere, and great drinks. According to the locals, they arguably have the best patio in Detroit to have a cold drink on in the summer months.

If you’re on the patio and you need a refreshing cocktail, try the Northern Lights Pink Lemonade. Don’t worry, it has alcohol in it as it has plenty of vodka in it.

Northern Lights Lounge in Detroit

4. The Sugar House

Named one of the best cocktail bars in America in 2018, the Sugar House brings the best in handcrafted and original cocktails. The list of drinks on their menu is extensive and features a rotating seasonal menu of original cocktails.

Try the Maple Leaf cocktail, which features Bourbon, maple syrup, and a dash of lemon.

The Sugar House Bar in Detroit

5. Mutiny Bar

Mutiny Bar is a tiki dive bar that has the fun and funky vibe you would expect from a tiki bar. Drinks are strong, delicious, and decorated neatly with little umbrellas.

For rum and Hennessy fans, have it together in one drink, with their Hornswoggle cocktail.

Mutiny Bar in Detroit

6. Motor City Wine

Motor City Wine is the de facto place to go for the best wines and a relaxing vibe in Detroit. Like any wine bar, they have a wide selection of wines from America and international ones as well.

Come here in the summer and sip on some fine wines on their patio.

Motor City Wine Bar

7. Batch Brewing Company

Batch Brewing Company has only been around for four years but their epic beers have really elevated themselves as a top-flight beer bar in Detroit. Featuring over 150 different beers of all types, it’s safe to say that you’ll probably find a beer here that suits your tastes.

Obviously come here for the beer but they also make some bomb slushies as well. Why not get both and chill out on their patio?

Batch Brewing Company

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