Detroit Craft Beer Bars

The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Detroit

This is an American city that has a rich history and a great emerging brewing scene, so we set out to find the best Detroit craft beer bars. With so many to choose from it was hard to narrow it down to just seven, but it is safe to say the craft beer scene is strong in this city.

All you have to do is round up a couple of friends to come along and enjoy the beers with you. A lot of these top craft beer spots take their food just as seriously. So, you can expect a proper feast.

Maybe don’t check them all in one day, but here are the very best Detroit craft beer bars that you simply cannot miss…

Best Craft Beer Bars in DetroitHow do these rankings work?

1. Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria & Brewery

They have locations across Michigan, but the best place to drink it is to head to the source at the brewery. They serve pizzas, loaded fries and other wholesome food here which are the perfect base to give you sustenance for trying as many beers as possible.

With 17 beers on tap and at least 26 different bottles to choose from, you are going to be in craft beer heaven.

2. Grand Trunk Pub

It’s not just the beer here but also the huge selection of really great bar food to match the drinks. The menu is packed full of classics like burgers, waffles and epic sandwiches.

The real beauty is that the staff are super knowledgeable and will help you pair up the perfect beer with the food. Chances are you’ll stay for a couple more beers after eating, because their selection is superb.

3. Eastern Market Brewing Co

They aim to create classics that continue the tradition of craft beer in the city of Detroit. That also includes one-of-a-kind beers with local flavour that only the freshest Eastern Market ingredients can provide.

The bar itself is all built around community, so you are getting so much more than just good beer. It could be yoga classes that are held here or the intense knowledge of the people serving you. All in all, a lovely place to spend some time drinking beer.

Detroit Craft Beer Bars

4. HopCat

With 100 taps of beer it is safe to say you are going to be seriously spoilt for choice. The chances of you working your way through them all even in several visits are seriously slim. So hey, you’ll just have to keep coming back!

They also do great bar food like burgers and tostados that the staff will be only too happy to pair up with a beer for you.

5. Green Dot Stables

It will probably be the food that draws you in at first because they are known for tasty burgers, fried chicken and loaded fries among other comfort dishes. Having said that, you will quickly discover a brilliant range of craft beers on offer to enhance the experience.

They are especially strong on their collection of tinned beers with a flavour to seemingly match every dish on the menu!

6. Batch Brewing Company

It was started by two friends who wanted to leave the corporate world and make really good food and beer. They’ve ticked both those boxes with aplomb.

Their from scratch pub food is about as good as it gets in the city. The real star of the show however are their beers with up to 18 on tap at any one time, there is a flavour for everybody.

7. Atwater Brewery & Tap House

The small brewery was born in Detroit but it quickly spreading its wings as people get word about the incredible beer. The best place to drink it is obviously in their original tap house.

They serve the beer in cans, bottles, on draught and in growlers that you can take home with you. Once you tase it you’ll be hooked. Delicious beer.

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