The 7 Best Instagrammable In Detroit

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Detroit

Detroit has a history as a hard-working industrial city and with that, brings about a charming personality that really comes to life on the ‘gram. That personality shines through in some fantastic sites that are brimming with this city’s character and are the most Instagrammable places in Detroit.

These are the seven places in Detroit you need to check out for some social snaps.

The most Instagrammable spots in DetroitHow do these rankings work?

1. Guardian Building

The Guardian Building in downtown Detroit is the place you absolutely need to go to for your Instagram. Once inside, take one look up at the ceiling that is a jaw-dropping mosaic of rainbow colours.

Instagrammers flock to this Detroit gem for a ‘gram of that mesmerising ceiling.

Guardian Building in Detroit

2. Joe Louis Fist

Joe Louis was a world champion boxer back in the 1930’s and the Joe Louis Fist is a symbol of his character and dedication to the city of Detroit. He won a prestigious boxing match in 1938 against a German and the fist symbolises the strength and courage of America in the face of German and Nazi influence during World War II.

Instagrammers can take some pretty funny shots with this fist, so get creative!

Joe Louis Fist in Detroit

3. Heidelberg Project

The Heidelberg Project is an ongoing art project that pays tribute to Detroit’s urban art scene. Art is found in all forms and here, it is created from abandoned houses and empty spaces with new installations happening frequently.

For a different perspective of “art”, come fill up your Insta feed with the Heidelberg Project.

instagrammable detroit

4. The Murals at Eastern Market

For another fantastic place to photograph, come check out the amazing murals at Eastern Market. The murals here are bright, bold, big and the beautiful artwork is magnificently ready for your photo-taking pleasure.

Go on a mini-scavenger hunt and find all the murals. Check their website to get the latest map of all the murals.

The Murals at Eastern Market

5. The Spirit of Detroit

The Spirit of Detroit is a 16-foot bronze status and is one of Detroit’s iconic landmarks. The symbol itself is meant to represent hope, progress and the spirit of man.

If you’re here when a Detroit sports team wins a championship, this statue is often adorned in that team’s jersey which makes for a great picture!.

The Spirit of Detroit

6. Comerica Park Tiger(s)

Comerica Park Tiger(s) is an enormous statue of of a tiger right outside the gate of the baseball stadium, Comerica Park. The baseball team name are the Tigers and thus, this 15-foot tall tiger is a way to welcome guests to the stadium.

Take a pic under this giant tiger statue and take a trek around the stadium to find all nine tiger statues. Strike a funky pose with these tigers for your ‘Gram!

Comerica Park Tiger in Detroit

7. Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre is one of Detroit’s legendary spots for concerts and shows. Built in 1928, this theatre is a photographer’s dream. The theatre’s interior makes it look like a giant tent that is held up by beams. Of course, the best part of the theatre is the massive 2,000-pound chandelier right in the middle.

Come here and behold the beauty of this old theatre and marvel and document the elegance of the chandelier in this theatre for your Instagram.

Fox Theatre
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