Best Bars for Drinks in Istanbul

7 Of The Best Bars in Istanbul

The drinking culture in Istanbul is fascinating, in that it isn’t widely accepted by locals and can be frowned upon. However, there are still some world-class bars in Istanbul that has roots in Europe and Asia.

Basically, you won’t find it too tough to have a cocktail or two here in this vibrant city.

These are the seven best bars in Istanbul to have a tipple in.

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1. 360 Istanbul

360 Istanbul is, as its name suggests, a bar that provides beautiful, panoramic views of Istanbul. The bar itself is contemporary and chic and the drinks served here are some of the best in the city, albeit a bit pricey.

If you enjoy your drink with a view, 360 Istanbul is the perfect spot to do both.

360 Istanbul

2. Just Bar

Just Bar is one of the most liveliest and fun bars to get a drink at in Istanbul. Friendly locals come here and are eager to engage with tourists and welcome them to Istanbul over a few beers.

Come to Just Bar and order one of many Turkish beers on tap and make some new friends with locals!

Just Bar Istanbul

3. Nardis Jazz Club

Nardis Jazz Club is an easy-going club that features relaxing jazz tunes and great drinks. Along with great tunes, they serve creative cocktails here and have a lengthy wine list as well.

Get yourself a bottle of wine and enjoy some great jazz music here at Nardis.

Nardis Jazz Club Istanbul

4. 5 Cocktails & More

No, you won’t be required to have five cocktails and more at 5 Cocktails & More, but you just might after you taste their concoctions. It is one of the newer bars in town but employs some of the best mixologists in the city who have worked in other countries perfecting their craft.

Try their Cursed Vespucci cocktail, a tequila-based drink that also comes with orange liqueur and chili sauce!

5 Cocktails & More Istanbul

5. James Joyce Irish Pub

James Joyce Irish Pub is a true Irish pub serving up Guinness and other Irish treats at this pub. It is one of the more popular bars in Istanbul thanks to its lively music and riveting and familiar Irish bar atmosphere.

James Joyce Irish Pub really comes alive when there is a big football match so try to come here when there is one and enjoy a few pints of Guinness’ with the locals.

James Joyce Irish Pub Istanbul

6. Alexandra Cocktail Bar

For one of the most crowded and boisterous bars on a nightly basis, come to Alexandra Cocktail Bar. The service and beverage quality are both top-notch at this bar.

Best play here is to grab a cocktail and head for the rooftop area where the party continues.

Alexandra Cocktail Bar

7. Viktor Levi Şarap Evi

If wine is your flavour of the evening, the best wine bar in Istanbul is Viktor Levi Şarap Evi. In this classy and comfortable wine bar, you won’t run out of wine options with their long list of wines to choose from.

If you can’t make up your mind on which wine to choose from, give their Viktor Levi house white wine a go.

Viktor Levi

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