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7 Of The Best Bars In Mexico City

Home to Frida Kahlo and famous Plaza Garibaldi, Mexico City has much to rave about. Stellar street food and art aside, this place also knows a thing or two about drinking. Let’s dive into the seven best bars in Mexico City.

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1. La Bipo

La Bipo is the epitome of an old-school cantina with it’s kitschy Mexican design and menus that mimic classic lucha libre posters. They’ve also got a generous beer menu and full cocktail list. You can also check out their famous Quesadilla de Jamaica that’ll have you screaming “delicioso” in no time. 

2. Maison Artemisia

In the heart of Roma Norte, you’ll find Maison Artemisia. Maison has brought French class to a whole new level with their velvet couches and subtle 19th-century glamour. Vermouth and traditional absinthe (sugar cube and all) are what they’re known for.

3. Jules Basement

Opening through a set of industrial refrigerator doors, tucked underneath an unassuming taco spot, Jules Basement is a true speakeasy. Jules Basement is known for its modern, intimate atmosphere and mind-blowing cocktails such as La Primera Palabra (The First Word) and Flor de Sangre (Blood Flower).

4. Bósforo

If you’re a fan of traditional drinks when visiting a new country such as port in Porto and whiskey in Scotland, then you’ll love Bósforo. Bósforo is all about Mexico’s famous mezcal. Hailing mainly from Oaxaca, mezcal is tequila’s charred and smoky cousin and is a Mexican staple.  

5. La Ópera

Stepping into Centro Histórico’s La Ópera feels like stepping back in time. That’s because La Ópera has been wowing patrons since 1876 with no plans of stopping anytime soon. At La Ópera, the bar has a no-fuss approach to drinks and is known for its simplicity. Order straight tequila with a tangy-tomato shooter known as sangrita followed by a quick bite of a lime wedge. Rinse and repeat. 

6. La Graciela

A Mexican spin on a traditional Biergarten, La Graciela does cerveza de Mexico right. La Graciela serves exclusively Mexican beer, but it doesn’t stop there; it also doubles as a microbrewery. Craft beer lovers need to look no further than La Graciela! 

7. Tio Pepe

With swinging saloon doors, century-old chandeliers and stained-glass bar signage, Tio Pepe is genuinely a classic cantina. Opened in 1890, they’ve been pouring cerveza and tequila for nearly 130 years. If the charm and history aren’t enough, Tio Pepe was also inspiration for William Burrough’s famous cheap cantina in “Junkie.”

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