Cafes In Mexico City

7 Of The Best Cafes In Mexico City

Are you obsessed with flavourful roasts, fresh-baked pastries and creamy cafe con leches? You’re in luck. When it comes to cafes, Mexico City knows a thing or two about ambience and a tasty caffeine variety. The cafes in Mexico City range from trendy spaces to cosy hideaways.

If you’re planning to visit the bustling capital, here are seven spots you can’t miss.

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1. Quentin Cafe

In trendy Roma Norte is Quentin Cafe. This adorable coffee shop is the perfect spot to grab a pick me up after shopping in the trendy area all afternoon. Their craft Madagascar chocolate and americanos are something of a legend around town.

2. Cassava Roots

Known for the best bubble tea in the country, Cassava Roots is more of a tea house than a coffee shop, but we love it anyway. It started as a stand-alone shop but thanks to the popularity of bubble tea, Cassava Roots is all over Mexico City, now! Their menu has loads to choose from, too.

Take your pick from ancient, revitalising, geisha, sensei and samurai options. We recommend their bubble tea, of course, but be sure to try a panini if you’re feeling hungry!

image: Cassava Roots

3. Finca Don Porfirio, Sears (Zocalo)

The view alone gives Finca Don Porfirio five golden stars in our book. Smack dab in the middle of Zocalo; this cafe has stellar views of famous Bellas Artes. Their menu is simple, but they are known for their service and location. To note, this cafe is in a Sears. Go inside, take the elevator to the top floor to the home goods section and you can’t miss it.


4. Buna

Nest up is another Roma Norte staple. If there are two things Buna does right, it’s bread and Mexican coffee. On their menu, you’ll find a large variety of coffee sourced from various regions in Mexico and pastries that are to die for. Best part? You can buy their house coffee by the bag which is roasted just an hour outside the city.

image: Conde Nast

5. Boicot Cafe

Just south of La Condesa is Boicot Cafe. It’s trendy, retro and fabulous at serving unique coffee. Seriously. They have things a Nutella cold brew that is out of this world. If you’re lucky, they also have live music sets with local artists periodically.

Cafes In Mexico City

6. Chiquito

Nestled in the Cuauhtémoc District is Chiquito and don’t let the name fool you. Though it means ‘little one’, this cafe packs a big punch when it comes to coffee. Known for their creamy lattes, smooth cafe con leches and excellent service, Chiquito is a must for any coffee lover.

Cafes In Mexico City
image: Gourmet de Mexico

7. Cafe Avellaneda

Cafe Avellaneda is located in Coyoacan and is another great option for Mexican coffee. Think of a perfect bartender/chemist/magician, and you’ll get a Cafe Avellaneda barista. They know everything there is to know about Mexican coffee so just tell them what you’re in the mood for, and they’ll make it happen!

Cafes In Mexico City

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