Places To Eat In Mexico City

7 Of The Best Places To Eat In Mexico City

When it comes to places to eat in Mexico City, you’re spoiled for choice. Mexicans have a culture around food that dates back to ancient times. Tamales, chilaquiles and anything to do with a tortilla can be traced back to Aztecs and boy are we grateful for their sense of flavour.

Because of this, Ciudad de Mexico or, Mexico City, is the place for food lovers. While there’s no shortage of good Mexican food in one of the world’s busiest capitals, it can be hard to narrow it down. That’s why we did it for you!

Best Places To Eat In Mexico CityHow do these rankings work?

1. El Hidalguense

Barbacoa is a heavily seasoned slow-cooked meat that is cooked underground. Typically made from beef or lamb, it’s native to the Central Mexican state of Hidalgo and is an El Hidalguense speciality.

Places To Eat In Mexico City
2. Panaderia Rosetta

In the boho-chic barrio of Roma, there is no shortage of panaderias (bakeries). That said, few come close to Panaderia Rosetta. This quaint cafe serves up the best coffee and pastries in the Capital. Be sure to grab a cinnamon roll, or, if you’re there later in the day, a seafood dish.

Places To Eat In Mexico City

3. Jenni’s Street Quesadillas

Right on the corner of Colima and Merida is one of CDMX’s best street food joints, Jenni’s Street Quesadillas. No name, no sign, just a small stand and one incredible cook named Jenni. Street food in Mexico City is an absolute must, and Jenni’s stall is a perfect start. Order a world-famous quesadilla in a tortilla azul and grab a seat on the curb with a cerveza, of course.

Places To Eat In Mexico City
4. Paramo

Take a late-night eatery in any major city in the world, subtract the loud music, cramped space, poor lighting and dull food and you’ve got Paramo. Complete with a killer mezcal selection, delicious variety of tacos and a diverse crowd.

5. Tacos Hola

Tacos Hola is a simple, no-frills taqueria that knows how to deliver on authenticity and flavour. It’s still relatively a secret and a local favourite of Condesa. In addition to all of the Mexican fillings they offer, there are also loads of vegan and vegetarian options.

6. El Cardenal

El Cardenal is a must-see for history buffs and foodies alike. Right in the middle of Centro Historico, it’s a perfect stop after exploring Templo Mayor and Plaza de Zocalo and offers several traditional Mexican dishes such as mole and chilaquiles.

7. Quintonil

This gastronomical masterpiece has made it on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants List (24) and 50 Best Latin American Restaurants (11), making it well worth the price. Given their popularity and exclusivity, you’ll need to make a reservation at least two months in advance. We know. It’s a long time for a reservation. But trust me, once you try the literally world-famous mole-madre or crab tostada with habanero mayo, you’ll thank us.

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