Best Craft Beer Bars In Mexico City

The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Mexico City

The craft beer revolution is taking Mexico City by storm and the result has been a big boom in local breweries and craft beer bars.

As the huge sprawling metropolis that it is, you’ll find that Mexico City offers travellers a delightful mix of cosy craft beer bars in nearly every neighbourhood.

From traditional German beer gardens to the cosier local bars, we’ve got something for everybody on this list. In the mood for tasty brews? Visit any one, or all, of the seven best craft beer bars in Mexico City.

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1. Jardín Chapultepec

Casual biergarten vibes ooze out of this wonderfully charming garden oasis. When visiting Mexico City’s famous Chapultepec Park in the heart of Condesa, you’ll want to wander on over to Jardín Chapultepec in order to sample a variety of some of Mexico’s finest craft beers. Order a tasting flight or stick with the local favourites like Hércules.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Mexico City

2. Biergarten Roma

Another sprawling German-style biergarten, the aptly named Biergarten Roma is located in the iconic Roma neighbourhood. As it’s on a rooftop, you’ll enjoy sweeping city views of CDMX, which lights up at night in a dazzling display. This is one of the best craft beer bars in Mexico City for visitors interested in sampling a beer from Baja Brewing or Cucapa.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Mexico City

3. La Graciela

Fancy a little variety? La Graciela is the spot for you. The brewpub is famous for offering a tasty array of different brews; you can find everything from Gose to Bock and even local fruit beers.  While the space might not be as “trendy” as the ones previously listed, it’s got a local, authentic feel to it that’s truly second-to-none. Oh, and the food? Absolutely worth a taste test or two.

4. La Belga

As the name suggests, at least if you speak Spanish, La Belga specialises in serving Belgian beers. However, they’re just as well-known for the sheer variety of brews offered, serving over 300 different brands of artisanal beer both local and imported.  Truly, there’s a flavour here for every taste: sour, sweet, hoppy, toasted, caramelised, and even fruity.

Craft Beer in Mexico City

5. Centenario 107

What’s most impressive about Centenario 107, and there are a lot of things, is their wide range of local craft beers on tap. You can treat yourself to an ice-cold glass of beers from local breweries such as Flaco, Primus, and Cosaco. However, if you’re visiting from out of the country, it’s likely that you’ll find a local brew from your home as well.

6. Hop The Beer Experience

Hope The Beer Experience delivers just that, a unique beer-filled experience featuring lots of intriguing tastes and creamy brews. Visit any one of their two locations to enjoy a nice variety of craft beers, although the Narvarte location is home to 30 taps. Order a pizza and then get stuck into an evening of tasting their endless variety of beers from local Mexican breweries.

7. El Depósito DF

Both a craft beer bar and bottle shop, we think this is one of the best spots for travellers looking to purchase a hoppy souvenir to take home with them. The Roma location has got a decent variety of Mexican craft beers on draft. However, their bottle selection warrants a browse.

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