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7 Unmissable Things To Do In Mexico City

CDMX, Ciudad de Mexico or Mexico City is home to one of the most excellent cultural scenes in the world. It takes the cake for one of the most populated cities globally and is absolutely thriving. We understand this can make it seem a tad overwhelming to figure what to do when visiting so here’s a handy dandy list of the best things to do in Mexico City.

Unmissable Things To Do In Mexico City

1. Wander Zocalo

Zócalo or Plaza del Zócalo is the beating heart of Mexico City’s historic centre. In fact, before Spanish colonisation, it was the main ceremonial area for Aztecs meaning Zócalo has been *the* place to be for millennia.

2. Templo Mayor

Templo Mayor (Main Temple) is just around the corner from Zócalo and has quite the story to tell. Before Mexico City became, well, Mexico City, it was a bustling Aztec capital named Tenochtitlán. Templo Mayor stood tall in the Aztec city of Tenochtitlán until the Spanish Conquest brought it to ruins. You can visit the ruins in Centro Historico near the cathedral that replaced it.

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3. Palacio de Bellas Artes

Palacio de Bellas Artes or, Palace of Fine Arts is one of the most recognised landmarks in CDMX. Bellas Artes is famous for its murals by Guanajuato’s beloved Diego Rivera making it a must-see!

4. Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

Situated right on top of an Aztec ceremonial site and taking over 200 years to build, this cathedral is as impressive as it is religious. Not far from Templo Mayor, it is a perfect site to explore while in the historical centre.

5. Casa Azul

If you’re a fan of art, namely Kahlo, then Casa Azul is a must! This blue home is where Frida Kahlo spent her childhood, and it’s also where she died. As you can imagine, Casa Azul is home to many personal events of Frida’s life, such as her tumultuous relationship with Diego Rivera and affair with Tolstoy.

6. La Ciudadela

Every day, vibrant kaleidoscope colours paint Mercado De Artesanias La Ciudadela. If you enjoy regional goods and want to explore more of Mexico without leaving the city, head to La Ciudadela. Here you’ll find handmade artisanal goodies specific to different states throughout Mexico such as textiles and glazed pottery.

7. Xochimilco

Xochimilco is the lovechild of Venetians and Mesoamericans. Canals lined with flowers of every colour and Aztec style gondolas are overwhelming, beautiful and unique all at once. In 1987 this hidden oasis made the list for UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


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