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7 Of The Best Bars In Minneapolis

The Twin Cities offer everything you could want to do and see in the state of Minnesota. One thing they also have are some excellent watering holes where you can find some amazing bars in Minneapolis to have a drink in.

Check out the seven best bars in Minneapolis.

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1. The Local

You better be able to hold your own here at The Local because this Irish sports pub can get a little wild sometimes. The Local has been serving locals pints of Guinness and Jameson Irish Whiskey’s for over two decades and are one of the best places in town to watch live soccer.

You’ll want to fit right in and order yourself a Guinness while you’re here.

The Local Minneapolis

2. Prohibition Bar

Nothing is prohibited at Prohibition Bar! This bar is up on the 27th floor of the Foshay Tower and offers some great views of the Minneapolis skyline as well as some (pricey) fantastic cocktails.

Settle in to this dark-lit bar with your cocktail of choice at Prohibition Bar.

Prohibition Bar Minneapolis

3. Marvel Bar

For one of the best speakeasy vibes to go with fantastic craft cocktails, you’ll find that at Marvel Bar. The dimly-lit bar and soft-playing music will make you feel like you’re back in the 1940’s in this charming and classy bar.

The bartenders here are top-notch so try any one of Marvel Bar’s signature cocktails.

Marvel Bar

4. Parlour

The Parlour is a beautiful and spacious bar where you can seat yourself on their massive couches or perch yourself onto their long bar. There’s a great atmosphere here that gives off a bit more of a classy Cheers TV show vibe.

Treat yourself to a cocktail at Parlour and enjoy it at their welcoming bar area.

Parlour Bar Minneapolis

5. Spoon and Stable

Spoon and Stable is a modern and trendy bar that makes some high-quality cocktails. You know this place takes their cocktails seriously when they have a separate “Captain’s List” of cocktails that are full of some next-level cocktails.

Whether you’re here for a beer or a cocktail, enjoy the hip and modern vibes of this hip bar.

Spoon and Stable

6. Republic

If you’re looking for a place that is a bit more low-key and serves up a good solid cold beer, come to Republic. They have a wide variety of draft beers as well as wine and cocktails as well.

Come to Republic for a beer and have it with some of their tasty appetiser snacks to go with it.

Republic Minneapolis

7. Martina

Martina is the creation of one of the world’s most well-known cocktail-making figures, Marco Zappia. Through his creation, Martina serves up some of the finest hand-made cocktails in all of America and uses some premium quality liquors in their cocktails.

The overall presentation of cocktails at Martina’s is a delight and you need to come to experience one for yourself!

Martina Minneapolis

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