Spoonbridge and Cherry Minneapolis

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Minneapolis

Minneapolis just might have some of the funkiest stuff you could capture for your ‘gram. From murals to structures to statues, there are lots of great Instagrammable places in Minneapolis.

These are the top seven Insta-worthy spots in Minneapolis.

The most Instagrammable spots in MinneapolisHow do these rankings work?

1. Star Wall

The Star Wall is a mural of some of the favourites that have performed at the First Avenue club. Among them is the distinct gold star of Minneapolis native, Prince.

This wall is definitely Insta-worthy and be sure to take a pic of the Prince star while you’re here!

Star Wall Minneapolis

2. Spoonbridge and Cherry

Spoonbridge and Cherry is one of the coolest things in Minnesota and is a 50-foot long sculpture in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. This picture becomes even more perfect when you can also capture the picturesque view of the Minneapolis skyline in the background.

If there is one place you have to come to for your ‘gram, Spoonbridge and Cherry is it!

Spoonbridge and Cherry Minneapolis

3. Mary Tyler Moore Statue

More well known for the Mary Tyler Show that took place in Minnesota, the Mary Tyler Moore statue is a memorial that is a must-see attraction for visitors. It is cherished by locals and you’ll often find people taking a picture in the same pose as Mary.

Come check out this legendary monument in Minneapolis and pose like Mary!

Mary Tyler Moore Statue Minneapolis

4. Bob Dylan Mural

Arguably one of the greatest musicians ever, the Bob Dylan mural is truly one of the most eye-catching visual pieces in Minneapolis. The murals usage of splashes of colours to highlight Bob’s face is truly amazing and is definitely worthy of a snap or two for your ‘Gram.

Whether you’re a fan of his music or not, this mural is a must-see while you’re in Minneapolis.

Bob Dylan Mural

5. U.S. Bank Stadium Viking Ship

The Minnesota football team is named the Vikings and right outside of their home stadium is an actual Viking Ship! The “Legacy Ship” as it is called is truly a sight to see and is intricately designed to show the complete curved front of the ship.

It is made of contemporary metals and other materials and even has its own 55-feet tall LED video screen on it!

Viking Ship Minneapolis

6. Foshay Tower Observation Deck

For the best views of the Minneapolis skyline, you’ll have to head up the observation deck at the Foshay Tower. From 30 stories above the ground, your Instagram will thank you for the beautiful panoramic shots you can get from up here.

Come take a few shots of the first skyscraper ever made in this state.

Foshay Tower Observation Deck

7. Target Field Glove

Another sporting monument is the giant baseball glove you can pose with or even sit on at Minnesota’s home stadium, Target Field. This enormous glove is a fan favourite at Target Field and you’ll often find throngs of fans waiting to take their picture with this giant glove!

Best pose is to definitely sprawl yourself out on the glove for your ‘Gram!

Target Field Glove Minneapolis

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