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7 Unmissable Things To Do In Minneapolis

Minneapolis is one half of the Twin Cities, with the neighbouring city of St. Paul. Together, they are the heartbeat of the state and is where you’ll find plenty of fabulous things to do while you’re in Minnesota.

Check out the top seven things to do in Minneapolis.

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1. Mall of America

Minneapolis is notoriously known for having the largest shopping mall in America at the Mall of America! Part shopping mall (with over 500 shops!) and part entertainment complex, including many great family attractions, Mall of America is your one-stop shop for your entertainment needs!

You could easily spend the entire day getting lost at this enormous mall but it will be worth it!

Mall of America Minneapolis

2. Minneapolis Institute of Art

Art lovers will enjoy the Minneapolis Institute of Art as it features over 90,000 pieces of art! From European works to Egyptian artefacts, this museum really has a bit of everything for you to see and learn.

Come check out this fantastic venue housing some of the best international art in Minnesota.

Minneapolis Institute of Art

3. Minnehaha Park

For those looking to dial-down the tourist activities, come and take a stroll in beautiful Minnehaha Park. The highlight of this 193-acre park is definitely their 53-foot Minnehaha Falls – an amazing waterfall to say the least!

Come to Minnehaha Park for a beautiful and relaxing day in Minneapolis and go for a lovely hike while you’re here.

Minnehaha Park

4. Catch a Performance at Guthrie Theater

The most notable theater for live performances in Minneapolis is the Guthrie Theater. Before you take in a performance, be sure to marvel at the theater’s beautiful architecture and check out the “Endless Bridge” that will give you sick views of Minneapolis.

If you can’t catch a show here, be sure to go on one of the theater tours.

Guthrie Theater Minneapolis

5. American Swedish Institute

A bit of a random place to visit in Minneapolis but once you see what’s inside you’ll be blown away. The American Swedish Institute is one of the main gathering spots for the local community to share arts and culture in a common space.

Come check out the ASI and immerse yourself in stories and universal themes around migration, arts and culture as it pertains to relations with Sweden.

American Swedish Institute

6. Watch a Minnesota Twins Baseball Game

Minnesota is known as a huge sports state so it’s only fitting that you come watch a baseball game in Minneapolis. The Minnesota Twins play at Target Field and this field is one of the best baseball stadiums in America.

Aside from watching the actual game itself here, there is lots to do in the concourse area of this stadium as well!

Minnesota Twins Baseball Game at Target Field

7. FlyOver America

FlyOver America is actually inside of the Mall of America and is a really neat flight simulation that takes you over some of the greatest parts of America. The ride is immersive meaning you’ll get sprayed with some water and you’ll get tossed around in your seat!

If motion sickness is no biggie for you, then definitely check out this cool experience!

FlyOver America Minneapolis

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