Donuts in Minneapolis

The 7 Best Donut Stores In Minneapolis

These are the donuts in Minneapolis that are quite simply at another level. While many other countries can copy them in various shaped and forms, you simply can’t out-donut America. With so much choice, such wonderful quality and all that deep-fried sugary goodness to choose from, this is the best of the best.

Grab a box to go or eat in-store with a cup of coffee at these top donut stores in Minneapolis. Homer Simpson, eat your heart out…

Best Donut Stores In MinneapolisHow do these rankings work?

1. A Baker’s Wife’s Pastry Shop

This beautiful little neighbourhood bakery is home to some of the most incredible donuts that will ever pass your lips. It’s the kind of place you wish you lived right next door to. FYI, it’s cash only, so don’t come flashing your cards or you’ll be walking away without a donut in hand.

2. Glam Dolls Donuts

Glam Dolls Donuts is one of the most popular spots for donuts in Minneapolis, and for good reason. These are donuts that are more than a little on the wild side, with innovative toppings and flavours. There’s also vegan-friendly donuts, too.

The stores themselves (there’s two!) are a riot of pink and Instagrammable features.

3. Bogart’s Doughnut Co. 

From their 18 hour brioche dough to the scratch-made glazes, Bogart’s Doughnut Co. don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to making some of the best donuts in Minneapolis. Chocoholic? This one’s for you: the Dark Chocolate Ganache Doughnut is dripping with decadence and a made from scratch, dark Belgian chocolate glaze.

4. Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar

Angel Food is a beautiful bakery where you can grab a coveted counter stool and watch the bakers in action. Your mouth will be watering before you’ve even had your first bite of a sweet treat here. Top picks include almond buttercream, Mexican chocolate crullers, or Miss Martin doughnuts for something classic with a twist.

Image: @poweredbyicecream/Instagram

5. Cardigan Donuts

How to pick just one flavour here?! Our top tip is get as many as you can to share and sample all the droolworthy flavours. Cardigan Donuts has special “inspired” doughnut recipes, which feature for just three days and are creative as can be. The Strawberry Cheesecake (below) is as pretty-as-a-picture and seriously delicious.

Donuts in Minneapolis

6. Sarah Jane’s Bakery

This cute neighbourhood bakery has been around since 1979 and specialises in classic, Grandmam-style baked treats. Think old school jam fillings and glazes. For those that don’t know, you’ve got to order the Minnesota Springing donut. it’s a Minnesota raised donut with strawberry rhubarb filling and strawberry drizzle.

Donuts in Minneapolis

7. Mojo Monkey Donuts

It’s all about classic baking techniques here with indulgent flavours, Highlights include red velvet doughnuts, a mango glaze with organic coconut, or go pure childhood sugar with a doughnut topped with their root beer icing with Oreos and Reese’s Pieces. The S’Mores Bismarck with homemade marshmallow & cinnamon graham cracker filling is also a real treat!

Donuts in Minneapolis

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