Best sarma restaurants in Croatia

7 Of The Best Sarma Restaurants In Croatia

Sarma, or filled cabbage leaves, is a popular traditional dish in Croatia, but some places make it better than others. Whether you prefer meat and riced-stuffed leaves or a vegetarian take with rice and carrots, the filling fare is delicious.

Take a seat at one of these best sarma restaurants in all of Croatia.

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1. Stari Fijaker

Stari Fijaker is by far the go-to restaurant for sarma when in Zagreb. The restaurant has been serving since 1848, and it sticks to the old ways of preparing traditional fare. Whether it’s your first time trying sarma or a favoUrite dish, this is the place to order it.

Best sarma restaurants in Croatia

2. Purger

Just off from the main square, Purger is another traditional local favoUrite. Sarma can usually be found on the menu, but sometimes the seasonal dish might be replaced with stuffed peppers during late spring and summer months.

Best sarma restaurants in Zagreb

3. Vinodol

This elegant restaurants serves modernised Croatian fare. Sarma typically is served during the season, November to March, and is incredibly tender and flavourful. It’s location also makes it an easy stop for those staying in the center.

Best Sarma restaurants in Croatia

4. Lanterna

This intimate restaurant makes delicious traditional food in a cosy atmosphere. The service is excellent, and the wine list is wonderful too.

5. Kerempuh

With a view overlooking the market, Kerempuh uses fresh ingredients bought daily from the market to make traditional dishes. The menu is massive, so there are tons of options to choose from, though the sarma and strukli are great.

6. Tip-Top

A classic located on one of the busiest streets in the city, Tip-Top is a cosy tavern that serves good food and drink. They have an expansive menu, but stick to some long-standing dishes, like sarma, too.

7. Šestinski lagvić

This hilltop restaurant was founded in 1951 and remains true to its traditional motifs. The menu is an expansive array of traditional dishes prepared in an authentic manner, so this is undoubtedly one of the best places to try sarma.

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