The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Charleston

Charleson, South Carolina is a historic, charming city where you’ll find foodie spots on nearly every corner. And, while the city’s famous for everything from world-class burgers to the ever-popular biscuits, you’ll also notice a pretty booming craft beer culture as well.

The craft beer scene here is so thriving, in fact, that you can even follow the Charleston Ale Trail, which is comparable to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, but only better and more, obviously, beer-focused. As they put it, “it doesn’t really matter what kind of beer you’re into: your style lives somewhere in Charleston.”

Thirsty yet? With over 30 breweries and numerous spots serving up some quality craft beers on tap, you’ve got more than a few choices. Here are seven of our top picks, however, for some of the best craft beer bars in Charleston.

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1. The Barrel

As one of the best craft beer bars in Charleston, The Barrel delivers on all fronts. Interesting wood-panelled interiors create an ambience that’s both classically Southern yet modern and unique. As for the beers, you can sample some of the region’s best craft brews. They’ve got 33 taps of local and regional craft beer to enjoy.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Charleston

2. Charleston Beer Works

There’s no denying it. Charleston Beer Works is one of the best beer destinations in the state, if not the country. Live music flows out of the space any given night of the week where you’ll find locals enjoying everything from game night to some fine local spirits. Craft beer options are practically endless, ensuring you’ll be able to sample something you’ve never tried before.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Charleston

3. Edmund’s Oast

Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co. is a craft brewery, taproom, and restaurant that follows the idea of focusing on quality first. The rest comes later. And, the rest is just as good as the best, which is what they put forward every single day, whether it’s a craft beer pour or one of their finely-prepared dishes. It’s all tasty and there’s tons of it. With about 1,000 different varieties of craft beer available, you can order a few and then head out to the garden to enjoy.

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4. Charles Towne Fermentory

If you love staying super local when visiting a new city then you can’t pass up the chance to taste the variety of local brews you’ll find at the Charles Towne Fermentory. The menu showcases options ranging from Milk Stouts to IPAs and Wild Ales. And, on top of it all, you can also order from their small open kitchen. They often feature a rotating lineup of local chefs, restaurants and caterers.

Craft Beer Bars Charleston South Carolina

5. Revelry Brewing

Revelry is another great option for visitors interested in sticking pretty local. Instead of sampling craft brews from around the country or even the world, stick with just the tasty concoctions that Revelry Brewing produces. From the superb rooftop vibes and views straight through to their bar bites, they’ve got something here for everybody. And, that’s not even talking about their delicious brews.

6. Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer

Locally owned and operated, Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer serves up the best brews: beer and coffee. It’s located in the heart of downtown Charleston, ensuring that any visit is delightfully charming and culturally enriching as a tourist. And, they serve up a nice variety of brews. From Vienna Lagers to local ciders and even hoppy American IPAs straight outta Charleston, you’ll be able to taste your way across the world’s best brews.

7. The Tattooed Moose

The Tattooed Moose is one of the best bars in Charleston for, well, pretty much everything. Serving up some seriously delicious bar eats, you can relax and enjoy everything from jumbo wings to corn dogs and huge juicy bar burgers. Then, wash it all down with some of the region’s best craft beer. They pride themselves on their diverse rotating beer selection.

Craft Beer in Charleston

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