7 Best BBQ In Charleston

The 7 Best BBQ Spots In Charleston

If you do just one thing when you visit Charleston, make sure that it’s eating a whole load of BBQ. Move aside shrimp and grits, Chucktown’s BBQ scene is taking over.

Whether you’re a brisket lover or a ribs fan, here are the top seven BBQ spots in Charleston, South Carolina

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1. Lewis Barbecue

Pitmaster John Lewis brought his infamous Texas BBQ to Charleston in 2016, and there has been a line out the door ever since. Lewis BBQ is known for ‘Texas hot guts’, smoked pork spare ribs and of course the legendary beef brisket.

The rack of short ribs are so popular that they regularly sell out. Oh, and don’t miss the green chile corn pudding. 

Lewis Barbecue in Charleston

2. Smoke BBQ 

The menu at Smoke BBQ is full of sandwiches, buns and tacos. A favourite is the Sloppy Smoke; mounds of slow smoked pork, brisket hash, pimento cheese, house pickles and slaw.

But Smoke BBQ also does a mean meat platter of brisket, ribs and chicken wings. They come with a choice of sides which are all top notch; do not miss the brown butter mac and cheese. 

Smoke BBQ in Charleston

3. Rodney Scott’s

Rodney has been cooking BBQ since he was 11 years old. And it shows. The ribs at Rodney Scott’s are a fan favourite. They are smothered in a special spice rub, slow-smoked and then slathered in Rodney’s special secret sauce.

And of course there is the ‘whole hog’. Rodney cooks his pigs belly down for 12 hours until they’re falling apart. But, if you’re all hogged-out, Rodney’s signature southern fried catfish with homemade tartar sauce is a winner. 

Rodney Scott’s BBQ in Charleston

4. Smoky Oak Taproom

According to the pit-masters at Smoky Oak Taproom, you can smell their wood smokers all over James Island. Which explains why this place is so popular. While they do excellent BBQ alternatives like quesadillas and a BBQ chicken pizza, they’re famous for the SOT Experience.

This monster comes with, wait for it, a pile of pulled pork, half a chicken, smoked pork sausage, brisket, ribs, chicken wings, three sides and a generous slab of cornbread. Phew. 

BBQ Charleston

5. Home Team BBQ

Home Team BBQ has made a name for itself in Charleston with three different restaurants across the city. They have a ‘low and slow’ approach to their BBQ which results in food packed with flavour.

Famous for their ‘life-changing’ ribs, they also do a mean pulled pork sandwich with pickles and slaw. And don’t miss their pork cracklins with hot sauce and pimento cheese. 

Home Team BBQ

6. Black Wood Smokehouse

New kid on the block Black Wood Smokehouse, which opened last year, has tough competition but is holding its own. Chef Joseph Jacobson likes to smoke things; pork, fish, vegetables, chicken, turkey.

One of the most popular dishes at Black Wood Smokehouse is their BLT with bacon and pork belly. So it should really be a PB-BLT. 

Black Wood Smokehouse

7. Swig & Swine

Choosing what to order at this Charleston favourite is difficult. They serve it all; pulled pork, beef brisket, smoked turkey, smoked pork belly, housemade sausage, chicken wings, ribs and it is all delicious.

They also serve over 50 craft beers to wash all that BBQ down with. Perfection. 

Swig & Swine Barbecue

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