instagrammable places in charleston

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Charleston

Charleston is America’s number one small town for a number of years and it’s not hard to see why. This pretty town does southern hospitality extremely well and it shows in the natural beauty and charm of the Instagrammable places in Charleston.

Here are the seven best Instagrammable places in Charleston.

The most Instagrammable places in CharlestonHow do these rankings work?

1. Houses on Rainbow Row

Rainbow Row is exactly what it sounds like, a row of pastel-colour houses in Charleston. These historic homes are of Georgian architecture and are the prettiest collection of houses in the state.

Give your Insta feed some colour love and snap a few pics of these rustic and charming houses.

Rainbow Row Charleston

2. Hampton Park

Hampton Park is another local treasure that has beautiful gardens, fountains, trails, and nearby restaurants. It’s just one of the more charming places in Charleston and you’ll find people just hanging out here during the day.

The fountains here are where you should go to for some neat pics.

Hampton Park Charleston

3. The Bridge at Magnolia Plantation

The Magnolia Plantation is one of the oldest plantations in America and like most of Charleston, you can’t help but feel mesmerised by the charm of this place. On this plantation is also a museum and plenty of land for you to wander through.

The most epic shot here however, is on the Long Bridge which dates back to the 1840s. Don’t forget to capture the bridge’s reflection in the water in your snap!

Magnolia Plantation Bridge Charleston

4. Folly Beach Pier

Folly Beach is the most beautiful beach in Charleston and is much like LA’s Santa Monica Pier minus all the hoopla. There are lots of great photos you can take here but if you head below the pier, that is where the best pictures are.

As the sun begins to set, make your way below the pier for some the best pier sunset shots ever!

instagrammable places in charleston

5. Pineapple Fountain at Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is a park in Charleston that boasts a fantastic fountain in the shape of a pineapple! Here, people come to make wishes and toss a penny or two into the fountain.

The structure and design of this fountain is too cool not to capture for your ‘Gram!

instagrammable places in charleston

6. The Angel Oak Tree

A Charleston treasure that is hauntingly beautiful is the Angel Oak Tree. This oak tree is the largest and oldest in America and is over 400 years old and is 65 feet tall!

Because it is so tall and so wide, you’ll have to stand plenty far back to get all of it in one shot for your feed.

instagrammable places in charleston

7. Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

The Arthur Ravenel Bridge is a modern suspension bridge that is ripe for some great pics. A fair warning as it can get a bit windy on this bridge so be sure to capture your shots safely here.

Park your car near Patriots Point and hop onto the bridge to take your shots.

instagrammable places in charleston
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