The 25 Best Filipino Restaurants In Canada

We’ve reviewed the best Filipino restaurants in the United States. But, what about the top spots for Pinoy food in Canada? The country’s full of quality spots where you can enjoy everything from traditional roasted pig, tortas and even some world-class sisig.

In short, the best Filipino restaurants in Canada are easily some of the best you’ll find outside of the Philippine archipelago itself. And, seeing as the country is so vast, you can often find different variations of the same dish at various restaurants.

You’re in for a real treat. And, we’re totally not going to judge if you start to drool. We’ll admit to a little bit of stomach-growling as we crafted our list of the 25 best Filipino restaurants in Canada. Prepare to indulge in some of the world’s best food.

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1. Tinuno – Toronto, Ontario

When it comes to Filipino food in Toronto, few places serve up such authentic, delicious plates at Tinuno. This family-style restaurant is well-known for its kamayan feasts. You’ll be crammed together with other families, friends and locals as you devour everything from rice to seafood and the ever-famous lechón. It’s an experience you can’t miss out on, and everything is full of authentic ingredients and flavours.

Best Filipino Restaurants in Canada

2. B’s Sizzling Kitchen – Mississauga, Ontario

From family-style kamayan feasts to just the traditional Pinoy plates they serve, everything at B’s Sizzling Kitchen is absolutely packed with flavour. And, while the entire menu is pretty tasty, you’re going to want to stop by especially to try the pork. It’s tender on the inside yet perfectly crispy on the outside. From texture to flavour and even the delectable aroma, it immediately transports you straight to the Philippines.

Best Filipino Restaurants in Canada

3. Junior – Montreal, Quebec

Junior is a treat from start to finish. First, you’ve got the decor, which is trendy and modern yet still reminiscent of Filipino culture. Then, you’ve got the wonderfully tantalising menu. It showcases everything from braised pork to refried beans and even chicken with lemongrass. As they put it, the goal is to offer up “exotic tastes that transport diners into the depths of Manila.” And, they accomplish it with ease.

Best Filipino Restaurants in Canada

4. Kulinarya Filipino Eatery – Coquitlam, British Columbia

It’s hard to beat the authenticity that you find when dining at Kulinaraya Filipino Eatery. This local Filipino hotspot oozes of tradition and relies on age-old family recipes to impress. And, they do just that. The Beef Nilaga, the Kare Kare, it’s all just filled with flavours and delicate touches that transport you back to the islands. The restaurant is easily one of the best Filipino restaurants in Canada regardless of where you’re from.

Where to Eat Filipino Food in Canada

5. Casa Manila – Toronto, Ontario

Craving a family-style feast? Head straight for Casa Manila, which is, as you can probably guess, all decked out in Manila-style decor. Dining here transports you straight into the heart of the Philippines where you can dive into local culture and cuisine. Graze your way through kamayan-style meals or opt for the salo-salo style where you’ll get to enjoy smaller offerings of plates such as Kare Kare and spring rolls.

6. Hapag Ihaw Ihaw Filipino Grill – Vancouver, British Columbia

Hapag is a Filipino word which means “table.” And, it’s this the simple concept of gathering around a table that sets the stage for what is always a great meal at this Filipino restaurant in Canada. As they put it, the cuisine here is a “gateway to their 7,107-island culinary paradise.” And, they truly do serve up some tantalising dishes from all around the country. It’s the best way to sample the cuisine if you’re new to it all.

Best Filipino Restaurants in Canada

7. Pinoy Pansitan – Montreal, Quebec

Guests love indulging in the delectable dinners that they serve at Pinoy Pansitan. It’s, in part, due to the world-class presentation. But, it’s also got a lot to do with the flavours they infuse into each and every dish. The pancit is always on point and the Tokwa’t Baboy is some of the most authentic you’ll find in all of Canada. It’s easily one of the best spots for Filipino food that tastes as if it’s just come straight from back home.

Best Filipino Restaurants in Canada

8. Wilson’s Haus of Lechon – Toronto, Ontario

As the name suggests, you can expect to enjoy a delectably delicious dive into some fantastic roasted pig here. Slow-roasted pig is the specialty at Wilson’s Haus of Lechon. And, boy do they sure know how to roast ’em. It’s just so perfectly crispy yet still bursting with flavourful juices that personify the iconic Filipino dish. Not a fan of pork? They roast and serve some mouthwatering chicken plates as well.

Best Filipino Restaurants in Canada
Image: Raymond Cua (Travelling Foodie)

9. Kanto 98 St. Eatery – Edmonton, Alberta

It doesn’t get much trendier than Kanto 98 St. Eatery. But, don’t let the trendy nature of this Edmonton eatery fool you. The food is world-class, too. It’s easily one of the best Filipino restaurants in Canada for those after some Pinoy comfort food. Start off with some delicious BBQ skewers. Then, order the Bao Boy. It features savoury pork belly that the braise in soy and vinegar. It’s as tempting and delicious as it sounds.

Best Filipino Restaurants in Canada

10. Meryenda – Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa’s most famous Filipino food truck always impresses. It’s a way for locals to explore traditional Filipino flavours with a unique and tasty twist. Everything here is creative. From the Adobo Balls to the Longanissa Burger , it perfectly fuses modern cuisine with traditional Filipino recipes. It’s important to note that Meryenda does close down during the winter months. Check their social media pages for announcements regarding opening dates for 2020.

11. Carinderia – Mississauga, Ontario

Prepare to treat yourself to fantastic Filipino homestyle meals at Carinderia. This is by far the best Filipino restaurants in Mississauga. And, it all comes down to the ingredients and the preparation. They offer an all-day Filipino breakfast that’s an absolute must. However, the grill boxes are creative and tasty as well. Get them with ribs, chicken, fish or even pork belly tocino. Or, better yet, try them all.

Best Filipino Restaurants in Canada

12. Sampaguita Village – North York, Ontario

Located right in the heart of Little Manila, Sampaguita Village is an absolute staple in terms of the Ontario Filipino restaurant scene. Sinigang and Oxtail Soup are some of the spot’s most loved menu items. But, we suggest heading back a few times to ensure you can also sample other delicacies such as their BBQ chicken and squid dishes. The best part? For serving such quality, the restaurant is also super budget-friendly.

13. Silong Express – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Locals drive from near and far just to get a taste of the mouthwatering Pinoy food at Silong Express. This Halifax hotspot serves up fresh, tantalising Filipino dishes all week long. And, their passion for their craft and culture truly shines through. From the Lechón Kawali straight on through to the meat skewers, it all tastes as if it belongs in a super-local Manila storefront. Flavours from home…you simply can’t beat that.

14. Jenmuel’s Lechon Cebu & Grill – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Who’d have thought you could find one of the best Filipino restaurants in Canada right in the heart of Manitoba. We know, it’s quite the surprise, but trust us on this one. Jenmuel’s is home to the country’s finest Cebu-style dishes and obviously the iconic lechón. They cook it to perfection and serve it with all of the flavours and spices you’d expect out of a tasty home-cooked slow-roasted pig back in Cebu. It’s simply the best.

15. Tambayan At Kainang Filipino Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta

Ever sunk your teeth into a sizzling stuffed squid? What about a graze through deep-fried pig knuckles? If not then you’re in for a real treat when dining at Tambayan. This is the go-to spot for fantastic Filipino food in Calgary. Serving up traditional flavours at every turn, the local restaurant showcases all of your favourite Pinoy dishes on the menu. You can find pretty much anything you’re looking for here and it’s all amazing.

16. Lechon Republik – Toronto, Ontario

Find yourself drooling as you dream about roasted pig? Can’t resist the undeniable allure of the delicious aroma of some Filipino lechón? If you’re in Toronto, you’re going to want to check out Lechon Republik. While they serve other Filipino dishes, you’ll definitely feel tempted to try the slow-roasted pig. They’ve perfected the balance between crispy skin and juicy, meaty pork. It’s a dish you’ll be dreaming about for sure.

17. Filistix – Edmonton, Alberta

Filistix is a great spot for local students in the area to indulge in some Filipino and Asian fusion cuisine. You’ll notice that the menu features various other dishes from the South Pacific and other parts of Asia. But, their Pinoy plates are the real show-stealers. Try the roasted chicken adobo, which they serve with a tangy and savoury Filipino adobo sauce. And, save room for dessert. The Bibingka is out of this world.

18. Divisoria Market – Ottawa, Ontario

Count on enjoying everything from classic Filipino products straight on through to your favourite dishes at this market and restaurant in Ottawa. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything Filipino, whether you need to stock up on some beauty products or are craving a delicious plate of Crispy Pata or even Lechon Kawali. We suggest staying to enjoy a full meal. And, definitely stick around for dessert. Their sweet treats are amazing.

19. Plato Filipino – Vancouver, British Columbia

There’s nothing at Plato Filipino that’s not dripping with authentic flavours. We suggest heading here early in the day as their BBQ Silogs are absolutely brimming with flavour. They’ll fill you up until later when you can head back to try the world-class adobo they serve. It’s browned to perfection and then they simmer it in the marinade to get that full, rich flavour you expect out of adobo when dining in the Philippines.

20. Adobo Experience – Regina, Saskatchewan

Speaking of adobo, if you find yourself in Saskatchewan, there’s no better place to sample this Filipino delicacy than at Adobo Experience. And, don’t just stop at the adobo. Everything here is rich in flavour and incredibly authentic. From the Filipino rice noodles to the Kare Kare and the deliciously crispy pork knuckles, you’ll be drooling before you can even take the first bite.

21. Ivan’s Kitchen – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ivan’s is only open for breakfast and lunch. And, while that disappoint a few hungry guests looking to indulge in some of the Philippines’ finest dinner dishes, you can still enjoy a fantastic, full-flavoured meal here. In fact, we’d argue that their Filipino breakfast plates are some of the best in the country. Order the Pork Steak Silog and enjoy the mixture of spices and flavours along with the rice and eggs.

22. Bistro Filipino – Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

At Bistro Filipino, they’ve perfected the true taste of Filipino cuisines by focusing on traditional flavours and modern cooking techniques. From the Sizzling Sisig to their famous Shrimp Sotanghon it’s all just so wonderfully authentic. Head straight for the Meriendas section of their menu and order anything or even everything. The Palabok seems to be a favourite amongst locals, however.

23. Dbarkadz – Scarborough, Ontario

Fancy a kamayan-style feast? If you’re in Ontario, you’re gonna want to visit Dbarkadz for a true Filipino feast that’ll take your tastebuds on one of the most flavourful journeys ever. Whether you’re sampling the soups and rice or the full-flavoured smoked and roasted meats, we guarantee you’ll be immediately transported straight to the Philippines. It’s just that good.

24. Shameless Buns – Vancouver, British Columbia

You won’t find a places as trendy as Shameless Buns anywhere else in Canada. It’s Vancouver’s coolest Filipino food truck (er, Jeepney) serving up some of the Philippines’ tastiest dishes. They’re all about fusion-style here, with offerings extending to include dishes called Not Your Lola’s Adobo Chicken and The Little Sausage. It’s all wonderfully authentic yet so modern and unique. In short, it’s a must if you’re in Vancouver.

25. Islas Filipino BBQ & Bar – Toronto, Ontario

And, finally, no list of the best Filipino restaurants in Canada would be complete without mentioning one of the best of the best…Islas Filipino BBQ & Bar. It’s equal parts Filipino BBQ joint and trendy Toronto bar, making any visit here fun and filling. So, settle in for a quality cocktail and then prepare to savour each and every bite of the wonderful Filipino dishes they offer. Martini and Chicken Sisig, anyone?

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