Best Vegan Restaurants in Boston

The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants In Boston

Veganism is one of the fastest-growing lifestyle choices of the moment, and according to 2020 food trends, you can expect to see a lot more plant-based options popping up all over the world. From high-end eateries to plant-based comfort food, this is truly the year to go vegan.

And, due to the increase in popularity, vegan food’s recently undergone a makeover. In the past, it was thought to be bland and tasteless. And, that’s just not true anymore, especially when it comes to the best vegan restaurants in Boston.

Sure, the city might be known for its Irish bars, mouthwatering ribs, and some of the world’s best boozy brunch spots. But, it’s also quickly becoming known for the sheer amount of quality vegan restaurants. Here’s our guide to seven of the absolute best.

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1. Life Alive Organic Cafe

Life Alive Organic Cafe is perhaps one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Boston, vegan or not. The rainbow-coloured accent features create a welcoming space that feels, well, alive. Start your meal off by indulging in some of their house kombuchas on tap and then treat yourself to an energising grain bowl or superfood salad. They’re diligent about marking all vegan options on their menu.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Boston

2. Taco Party

Vegan Mexican food?! Um, yes, please. If you’ve never tried vegan tacos then you’re in for a true treat. From lentils al pastor to chimichurri tempeh, the flavourful options here are numerous. They know just how to create the perfect blend of spices to tantalise your tastebuds without going overboard. Still hungry? Order a round of vegan nachos or a tasty torta.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Boston

3. My Thai Vegan Cafe

This vegan Thai cafe is located in the heart of Boston’s Chinatown neighbourhood. And, you don’t have to worry about second-guessing here; everything’s 100% vegan. From the tofu chicken fingers to the spicy pad thai, it’s all plant-based and absolutely dripping in authentic flavours. Truly, it tastes as if you’ve ordered straight from a high-quality street cart on the streets of Bangkok.

4. Cocobeet

Cocobeet is a 100% plant-based restaurant that was also one of the city’s first and only cold-pressed juice bars back in the day. Offering everything from fresh cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies to raw vegan dishes, everything here feeds your body, mind and soul. This is a great spot for a quick, healthy breakfast or a lunch that’s a bit on the sweeter side. Their smoothie bowls are top-notch any time of day.

Veggie Restaurants in Boston

5. True Bistro

Finally, vegans are able to access fine dining options that don’t only feature a black bean burger on the menu. True Bistro is an upscale vegan eatery in Somerville, just a few miles northwest of Boston. Their extraordinary cuisine is crafted with “true compassion,” and it shows. Their menu changes with the seasons, so options are always fresh and new.

6. Red White

Craving Japanese food? Even if you’re not vegan, we suggest planning an evening at Red White. The two Japanese chefs behind the restaurant based their menu around the concept of shōjin ryōri. It’s a vegan diet that has roots from all the way back to seventh or eighth century Japan. Authentic flavours burst out of every dish here, and everything tastes finely fresh and perfectly spiced.

7. Veggie Galaxy

Last but very certainly not least, it’s impossible to write a list of the best vegan restaurants in Boston and not mention Veggie Galaxy. Because, hey, vegans deserve a bit of comfort food, too. This retro-themed diner is home to some seriously indulgent dishes and a 100% vegan bakery, too. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the food’s always great. While their menu is 100% vegetarian, they note that they’ll make anything on it vegan for you upon request.

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