Best Wine Bars in Budapest

The 7 Best Wine Bars In Budapest

Italy might be famous for its Tuscan, Chianti, and Veneto wine regions. And, Portugal is home to the famous Duoro Valley. However, in Hungary, you’ll find twenty-two different wine regions all with a multitude of great wines to explore.

Producers all over the country ship their wine straight to the capital city, which is why you’ll find such an intriguing variety of delectable wine bars in Budapest. While we highly suggest sampling the country’s famous pálinka, you can’t visit Hungary without a glass or two of Hungarian wine.

Finding yourself hungry for Hungarian wine? We’ve scoured the capital city to bring you the seven best wine bars in Budapest. You’ll find delightful samplings of the country’s best wine at any one of these hotspots.

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1. Tasting Table Budapest

Head to the Tasting Table in Budapest to experience rich cultural experience that helps to recreate the quintessential Hungarian wine experience. At this trendy wine cellar, shop, and bar, an experienced guide will walk you through a tantalising tasting of Hungarian and Central European wines. Prepare to discover a variety of unknown wines from local, small producers. This is one experience you simply can’t pass up.

Best Wine Tasting in Budapest

2. Doblo Wine Bar

Doblo Wine Bar is not only one of the best wine bars in Budapest, but it was one of the city’s first. You’ll find Doble in the heart of the happening Jewish Quarter of Budapest. Here, you’ll encounter an intimate, cosy setting that livens up in the evenings when there’s live music. They only serve Hungarian wines, of which there are about 30 varieties. However, they’re all delicious and fantastic, acting as a great introduction to the country’s tasty wines.

Best Wine Bars in Budapest

3. Andante Borpatika

Looking for one of the most romantic wine bars in Budapest? Andante Borpatika is the place to go. Whether you’re planning date night in Budapest or simply want to treat your party to something special, Andante oozes charm and romance. Elegant red linens cover the tables where you can pair Hungarian wine with a variety of cold cuts, sausages and cheese.

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4. Cintányéros

If you’re attracted to authentic experiences, then plan on visiting Cintányéros, Budapest’s neighbourhood wine tavern. With a vibe that’s more local than anything else, this trendy space offers visitors the chance to immerse yourself in the local culture and sample fantastic house wines by the glass. Ask the staff for suggestions as they’re extremely helpful in catering to your tastes.

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5. DiVino Wine Bar

For some of the most stunning views and vibes in the city, spend the afternoon at DiVino Wine Bar. This place is, without a doubt, one of the best wine bars in Budapest. Situated just next to the famous St. Stephen’s Basilica, you’ll be able to sip red or white wine here and relish in the relaxing atmosphere of the bar’s outdoor terrace. Expect lots of variety, with over 150 different Hungarian wines available ranging from small, local producers to bigger well-known labels.

Trendy Wine Bars Budapest

6. Kadarka Bár

Numerous locals and critics rank Kadarka as being the best wine bar in Budapest. It’s likely due to the cosy indoor seating available, key lighting, and the fact that they serve hundreds of different kinds of Hungarian wines. You’ll find a wine from nearly every single one of the country’s twenty-two wine regions. This makes Kadarka a great place to take a tasting tour of nearly all of Hungary.

7. Palack

When you’re done exploring the more touristy areas of Buda, cross the Danube and wander into the charming area of Pest. There, you’ll find Palack, an enchanting wine bar that’s down-to-earth and inviting. The staff here is eager to suggest anything you’re looking for, making it great for those who don’t know a lot about wine. Sample one of the over 100 different kinds of wine available or purchase bottles to take home as a souvenir.

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