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Michelin Starred Budapest Restaurant Innovates With Ferris Wheel Dining

One inspiring thing that has come out of this year’s pandemic has been the constant innovation of once everyday things. New York City has paved the way for such restaurant-related inventions with things like their “streeteries” and “space bubbles” NYC isn’t the only innovator though. This Michelin starred restaurant in Budapest has recently created something so clever it made our heads spin. (pun intended!) It’s called Ferris wheel dining and is exactly what it sounds like. Yep, you can dine atop Hungary’s capital in a Ferris wheel repurposed by a Budapest restaurant.

Budapest Restaurant Innovates With Ferris Wheel Dining

The famous Budapest Eye Ferris Wheel is now serving as a dining area for Costes. The chic Michelin starred eatery is one of the best in Hungary‘s capital. It’s renowned for its delicious local fare like the slow-braised lamb shoulder and traditional wine pairings. The restaurant’s owner, Karoly Gerendai, knew he had to act fast in response to the virus. Dining out was quickly becoming obsolete, and Costes was paying the price.

“Now that there are not many people, either on the wheel or in the restaurant, because there are no tourists, the opportunity arose that we could do this,” Gerendai said in a statement to Reuters.

By making use of the Ferris wheel, guests can have an experience that is safe, visually pleasing and delicious all in one. It does come at a cost, though. Guests looking to feast on four-course meal atop The Budapest Eye can expect to pay upwards of $150 per person. Nonetheless, Coste has certainly “reinvented the wheel” with this initiative and takes the cake for covid era restaurant ideas.

The notion of repurposing amusement park rides over the pandemic is not new, however. Recently this Japanese amusement park transformed its Ferris wheel into a remote workspace.

Hungary’s Continued Fight Against the Virus

Costes’ ingenuity comes at a time when most of Budapest is on edge. Hungary has fought long and hard to prevent further spread of COVID-19. Just in September the nation dealt with a massive surge of cases. Well into October they’ve climbed to numbers between 800 and 1,700 daily. Hungary currently has 14,889 cases and 1,211 deaths. It was also confirmed earlier this morning that Hungary’s’ Justice Minister has tested positive for the virus.

Nonetheless, Budapest is marching on as safely as possible as they combat the pandemic. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in September that his government is working on a “war plan” to protect the nation in the virus’ second wave. The aim is “not for everyone to stay at home and bring the country to a halt … but to defend Hungary’s functionality,” he said. Due to the virus, Hungary has seen a 13.6 drop in GDP – the worst plummet in the region.

Hungary’s borders are currently closed, and masks are strictly enforced in public areas. Non-compliers can expect a fine of 8,000 forints or around $30 for disobeying.

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