7 Best New Year’s Eve Destinations In 2020

New Year’s Eve is easily the most glamorous holidays of the year, and there’s nothing like a glittering city for ringing in the new year. Book a stay at one of these best New Year’s Eve destinations.

From Sydney to Gstaad, you’ll find an incredible location to celebrate.

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1. Paris, France

Naturally, The City of Lights is an incredibly stylish and romantic place for kissing at midnight–whether you have a special someone or find someone for the night. Plan ahead and book an early dinner at a fabulous Parisian restaurant then pick one or two bars to settle into. Remember, the hotel bar is always a great last stop for a nightcap.


2. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

For warm weather to break up the winter months, there’s no place better than Grand Cayman. It’s an easy hop from the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta, and the Ritz-Carlton organises a wonderful time on Seven Mile Beach.

Pick up a glass of champagne and cheers to the new year while dancing the night away on the beach surrounded by friends and shimmering lights against the ocean.


3. Gstaad, Switzerland

Those who love winter sports can embrace them from the top of some of Europe’s best peaks in Gstaad, Switzerland. The luxurious resorts through posh parties and have wonderful spas to soak and melt away all of the sore muscles and hangovers the next day.


4. Sydney, Australia

Be among the first cities to welcome the next year by physically getting there first. Make sure to book or stake out a place to watch the wonderful fireworks show light up the sky above the Opera House.


5. San Diego, California

For another fair-weather night out, head to San Diego. You’ll find the crowds are nothing compared to Los Angeles, and the restaurant and bar scene holds up. Make a reservation and settle in at a table to ring-in midnight before moving on to a bar.


6. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has become one of the most popular hotspots of Eastern Europe over the past few years. The young crowd makes it a great nightlife destination for celebrating. Get a group of friends together and head out to bar hop.


7. Kyoto, Japan

This snowy winter sports destination also makes for a wonderful New Years Eve destination in Japan. So, order a togouchi, the equivalent of a hot toddy, but with eggnog and saki. It’s a great warming drink to toast with as opposed to champagne.


Molly Harris

Molly Harris is a freelance travel journalist dividing her time between the United States and the Western Balkans.

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