Best Wine Bars In Toronto

The 7 Best Wine Bars In Toronto

You don’t have to look far to find great wine bars in Toronto. Whether you’re a traveller in search of a great spot to relax and enjoy a chilled out evening in the city or you’re a local in search of a great place for a first date, there truly is something for everybody.

Break the ice with a glass of wine or treat yourself to an evening of decadence at any one of the best wine bars in Toronto. Chances are, you deserve it.

Explore the best coffee shops, bars, and food in Toronto and then carve out some “me” time for an elegant evening at any wine bar on this list.

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1. Cibo Wine Bar

For travellers interested in both fine wine and quality vibes, there’s no better place than Cibo Wine Bar. It’s a spectacular sight to see, with a three-story wine vault on display for the entire room to see. On the wine menu, you’ll feel almost overwhelmed by the choices; expect to see varietals from around the world at varying price levels. The food is just as indulgent as the wine list, with dishes such as cannelloni and grilled trout.

Best Wine Bars In Toronto

2. Midfield Wine Bar

Interested in sampling some labels that you’ve likely never heard of? Midfield is the best wine bar in Toronto for you. The charming, rustic bar is home to over 350 bottles you can pop open and enjoy with your table. Or, if you’re travelling alone then you can indulge in any one of their 50 options by the glass. To top it all off, they’ve got a great brunch menu that pairs perfectly with an early afternoon glass of white wine.

3. Paris Paris

Offering guests a trendy bohemian interior, Paris Paris is one of the best wine bars in Toronto according to both travellers and locals alike. While the wine list isn’t as extensive as other bars on this list, you’ll find that the natural wines they offer are so intriguing and delicious that it really doesn’t matter. To pair with your wine you can select small plates of elevated bistro fare to nibble on.

Parisian Wine Bars in Toronto

4. Grey Gardens

It’s not a visit to Toronto if you’re not exploring the famous Kensington Market. And, while you’re there, you might as well stop off for a tasty evening of fine food and wine at Grey Gardens. While foodies find comfort in the dishes available here, you’ll also love how extensive the wine list is; order special private-order wines that come in white, red, rose or even orange.

Best Wine Bars In Toronto

5. Reds Wine Tavern

Homemade dishes set the stage for a sumptuous evening of elegant flavours at any one of the locations of Reds Wine Tavern. While it’s a pretty popular spot for locals who lunch during their workday, it’s recommended for travellers interested in a nice Happy Hour.  Choose from six and nine-ounce glasses of red and white wines or half-priced bottles

6. Chez Nous Wine Bar

Offering a pretty extensive wine list with a focus on Ontario wine, Chez Nous is a great place for travellers to sample exclusively regional wine. And, seeing as the wine menu changes on a weekly basis, you’ll always find something new to sample every time you visit. The setting is cosy, making it incredibly easy to settle into a seat and sample a variety of deliciously different labels.

7. Sip Wine Bar

Few things go together better than wine and pizza, and that’s exactly what Sip Wine Bar serves up. The Enomatic dispensers make it easy for guest to taste glass after glass while grazing through quality, authentic pizza. We’re talking really authentic. They’re AVPN accredited, which ensures it’ll taste as if it’s just come hot out of an Italian oven on the streets of Naples.

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