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The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants In Toronto

We’ve ranked the best steakhouses in Toronto, and even the city’s trendiest patio bars. But, for a truly spectacular date night, you sometimes need to look for the city’s most romantic restaurants. You know, the ones with candlelit tables and decor that oozes passion and charm.

Whether you’re looking to impress a new partner on the first date or want to reignite the passion in a years-long relationship, you’ll be able to do so at these hotspots. These are the kinds of places where you’ll be able to indulge in world-class gastronomy while also indulging in an intimate, cosy atmosphere.

Prepare to make reservations in advance and put on your finest date clothes. Here are the seven most romantic restaurants in Toronto.

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1. Grey Gardens

Cosy up to a candlelight dinner at one of the most romantic restaurants in Toronto. The light pastel colours that cover the walls at Grey Gardens creates a warm, inviting space that feels delicate and elegant. The open kitchen creates a central focal point and adds a touch of excitement to the evening. Order a bottle of wine from their impressive wine menu and then settle in for the main course. It’s enough to make anybody fall in love all over again.

Most Romantic Restaurants in Toronto

2. George Restaurant

You’ll enjoy George Restaurant for the architecture alone, which oozes of romance and passion. Housed inside of an old 1850s chocolate factory, this restaurant still personifies the sweetness of the chocolate that they used to produce here. The lavish, romantic setting is complimented by elegant chandeliers and even a five, seven or ten-course tasting menu. Simply put, this is the kind of place you head to if you’re really looking to impress.

Date Night Restaurants in Toronto

3. Il Covo

Few things are more romantic than perfectly-prepared Italian food. Delicious wine, delectable food, and romantic key lighting set the mood at Il Covo, by far one of the most romantic restaurants in Toronto. The name of the restaurant translates to “the hideout” in English, and you’ll certainly feel the intimacy immediately upon arrival. Enjoy their famous handmade fresh pasta as you sip on sumptuous glasses of Italian wine and enjoy quality conversation with your date.

Toronto Romantic Restaurants

4. Scaramouche

If your knees get weak at the thought of stunning skyline views, then Scaramouche is the most romantic restaurant in Toronto for you. Guests head here to enjoy stunning views of the Toronto skyline, but they stay for the world-class food. Warm lighting sets the mood and perfectly contrasts the scenery outside. And, the food is so first-class that it feels like super fine dining without all the pretence.

Toronto Date Night Restaurants

5. Miku

Industrial lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling at Miku, one of Toronto’s most impressive sushi spots. Elegant black and white furniture contrasts the stark nature of the industrial lighting, and the result is something unique and intimate. The only thing more impressive than the dramatic decor is perhaps the menu. Fresh fish and fine ingredients are used here to craft some of the tastiest sushi in Canada. 

6. Paris Paris

If you’re not looking to eat an entire meal but still want to take your date out for dinner, then Paris Paris might be the spot for you. This wine bar is eclectic and unique, offering up an impressive wine list and additional snacks to pair it all with. Skylights allow light to flood into this French-inspired bar and restaurant. Graze your way through dishes such as fried crab claws and roasted chicken as you sample a variety of wines from all over the world with your date.

Best Wine Bars in Toronto

7. Figo

A large flower mural on the wall of Figo might account for the level of romance you feel upon entering this trendy Toronto restaurant. The bright, vibrant nature of the decor is warm and inviting while still feeling cosy and intimate. Begin your evening at the bar and then snag a quiet table for two and enjoy Italian-inspired cuisine that’ll take your taste buds on a true journey. It’s the perfect date from start to finish.

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