castles to visit in croatia

The 7 Best Castles To Visit In Croatia

These are the best castles to visit in Croatia. Though Croatia might be best-known for its coastline, a region to the north, Zagorje, is home to many beautiful castles. Plan a drive around the region and experience local village life too.

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1. Trakošćan

This is one of the most famous castles in Croatia because it is also one of the largest and most beautiful. Dating to the 13th century, the castle also serves as a museum. You’ll find medieval weapons, furniture and more here. When the lake in front of the castle is not frozen, rent a boat to paddle around for a bit.

castles to visit in croatia

2. Dvor Veliki Tabor

The present-day castle dates to the 16th century, though the original structure was first built in the 12th century. Go to the international short films festival the castle holds each year for a melding of old and new culture.

castles to visit in croatia

3. Lužnica Manor

This Baroque castle is in pristine condition. It’s a lovely stop during an afternoon drive from Zagreb. Enjoy the landscaped grounds and take a picnic to enjoy while you’re there.

castles to visit in croatia

4. Bajnski Dvori Castle

Bajnski Dvori Castle is a castle in the Gornje Ladanje village and surrounded by a park with a little lake and a chapel. The picturesque setting is charming, and the historic castle enjoys a vivid past. Spend time reading up on its storied past from the 1400s to World War I before visiting.

5. Dubovac Castle

Dubovac Castle was fully constructed by the 13th century, and often served as a haven for Croatia’s salt and grain traders as well as Kupa boatmen. Climb the central tower to even catch a glimpse of the Kupa river just beyond the castle’s grounds. This is one of Croatia’s best-preserved medieval structures, so it’s truly a treasure to see.

6. Pejačević Castle

This beautiful late-Baroque and Neoclassic castle in Virovitica is really something to see. Located in northern Croatia’s Slavonia region, this was one of several castles owned by the members of noble family Pejačević. Enjoy the surrounding park as well.

7. Medvedgrad

Surrounded by the forested Medvenica Nature Park, this former castle and fortress sits high atop the mountain range over Zagreb. For a full day of adventure, hike to the castle from the center of Zagreb and enjoy a scenic picnic at the top. Don’t forget to pack in a beer or two also.

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