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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Singapore

A Third Wave of coffee has been sweeping over Asia in the last decade, with great coffee fast becoming the norm. You’ll now find some of the world’s best coffee in Singapore, hands down.

A whole range of passionate coffee enthusiasts have been redefining our expectations, educating both the consumers and other people entering the coffee industry. Those are the coffee shops we wanted to celebrate today. Some are big, some are small, but they are all equally passionate about their product.

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1. Nylon Coffee Roasters

This isn’t just about any old cup of coffee. Nylon Coffee Roasters are firm believers in working closely with the source to foster a relationship. They do a wonderful job of telling that story through their social media channels.

You feel good about drinking coffee here because of the effort they put in. It also happens to taste outstanding, which obviously helps too!


2. CSHH Coffee

CSHH is an independent coffee boutique that’s part of PPP coffee, specialising in roasting and purveying specialty coffee in both Singapore and Malaysia. This stylish flagship store is a combination of café, retail store and roastery, and they also have weekly coffee and cupping workshops.


3. Bearded Bella

Bearded Bella is a cute and quirky Melbourne-inspired cafe that serves up some of the best coffee in Asia. The coffee blends here are all seasonal, so you’re guaranteed to sip on only the best beans from Brazil, Panama, Ethiopia and Indonesia.

They even have their own custom made ceramic cups that make the coffee taste extra delicious. It’s a beautiful spot.


4. % Arabica

This world renowned coffee from Kyoto, Japan, now has 38 outlets across the world, but this is the first in Singapore. Its single origin beans make for the perfect medium roast and all roasting is done at the back of the cafe. Be sure to grab an Insta snap with the iconic % logo on the cup.


5. Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee has over 50 years heritage and legacy of coffee in Singapore, so you know you’re in safe hands. The cafe carries at least 20 different origins of specialty coffee from Africa, Asia, South and Central America. They also retail both roasted and raw specialty coffee in micro and macro batches, so you can get your coffee fix at home.


6. Common Man Coffee Roasters

With an all-day brunch menu and some of the best coffee in Singapore, it’s no wonder that Common Man Coffee Roasters is such a local favourite. Choose to sip on all sorts, from their signature CMCR Espresso Blend, to a manual brew from their range of single origins and micro-lots, such as YirgZero from Ethiopia, precisely prepared on their dedicated brew bar as a pour over.


7. Five Oars Coffee Roasters

This Melbourne-style coffee bar has two locations in Singapore, so you’re never too far away from the perfect flat white fix. Their strawberry cheesecake French toast is a must, but you’re here for the coffee: their signature espresso serves are the real deal.

Order a coffee flight of a white coffee and a single shot espresso to sample something different.


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