The 7 Best Hotels In Baltimore

The 7 Best Hotels In Baltimore

Hotels in Baltimore provide guests with a mixture of luxury and incredible character. Located in one of America’s busiest harbours, Baltimore embraces this and incorporates nautical themes and concepts into their culture and their hotels.

Check out the seven best hotels in Baltimore. You’ll be rushing throughout the day to get back to your hotel room – they’re that great.

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1. Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore

The Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore has been around for less than a decade but has made a big splash among Baltimore hotels. When you stay here, expect to see some gorgeous views of the Inner Harbor as well as a sleek and stylish hotel. The rooms are fancy and cosy and have first-class bedding, unbeatable customer service, and an amazing rooftop pool.

To stay at this centrally-located hotel, expect to pay about $500 USD per night.

Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore

2. Sagamore Pendry Baltimore

The Sagamore Pendry is already a top-notch hotel thanks to their great location and local charm. The Sagamore overlooks the harbour and the decor of the rooms pay homage to Baltimore’s heritage with its wooden-rustic aesthetic.

To stay at this hotel full of Baltimore character, it will cost you about $500 USD per night.

Sagamore Pendry in Baltimore

3. Kimpton Hotel Monaco Baltimore

The Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Baltimore is an elegant and historical-inspired hotel located a few blocks from the Inner Harbor. The rooms feature beautiful designs, posh amenities, and great views of the harbour.

Staying at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Baltimore just might be one of the best deals in town because of its prime location and its roughly $200 USD per night price tag.

Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Baltimore

4. The Ivy Hotel

The Ivy Hotel is the hotel with perhaps, the most charming appeal in Baltimore. This red-brick building showcases Baltimore heritage with its vintage decor. Its rooms are grand and decked out with murals, books, and antiques.

To stay at this charmingly luxurious hotel, it will cost you roughly $600 USD per night.

The Ivy Hotel

5. Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Baltimore

Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Hotel in Baltimore provides guests with a luxuriously modern room and the convenience of being in a central location. The rooms here are contemporary and stylish and is the perfect hotel for a romantic getaway.

A one-night stay at the Royal Sonesta is fairly priced at roughly $200 USD per night.

Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Baltimore

6. Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor

The Hyatt Regency is another hotel chain that is located in Baltimore, just steps from the Inner Harbor. You will find great comfort with their minimal room design and large, spacious rooms.

It will only cost you about $200 USD per night to stay at this Hyatt Regency property.

Hyatt Regency Hotel Baltimore Inner Harbor

7. Hotel Revival

There is nothing that needs to be revived at Hotel Revival as their vintage decor combined with their cool wallpapers, make the rooms feel fun and chic. This boutique hotel is great for travellers that want to skip the luxury of big name hotels and experience something more modern.

If you can, request for an east-facing room for pristine views of the Washington Monument. A one-night stay at this lovely boutique hotel will cost about $150 USD per night.

Hotel Revival

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