The 7 Best Toronto Ice Cream

The 7 Best Ice Cream Parlours In Toronto

Good news for anyone craving some creamy Toronto ice cream – it is one of the most multicultural and food-focused cities in North America. With different cultures living in Toronto, many of them have adopted cuisine from their own cultures and infused it with ice cream to give it a unique take on a cold, summer treat.

Experience some of the best and most unique ice creams this city has to offer.

Best Places for Ice Cream in TorontoHow do these rankings work?

1. Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

Bang Bang Ice Cream brings the creativity to serving ice cream in Toronto.

It helps that they are also bakery because they make the most delicious ice cream sandwiches. Get their ‘Puff’, a pastry with ice cream in the middle and topped with a brown sugar craquelin.

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery
Image: @wfoodandtraveldiary/Instagram

2. Bar Ape Gelato

Don’t expect to see any primate friends here at Bar Ape Gelato (pronounced “ah-pay”). This place’s primary intention is to serve some of the best gelato in Toronto.

Looking for something other than gelato in a bowl? Their gelato bars are immensely popular and their flavours change regularly.

Bar Ape Gelato in Toronto

3. Booyah Inc.

For one of the best and most filling ice cream sandwiches in town, Booyah Inc. has got it.

Their ice cream taco – a waffle cone made into the shape of a taco shell and full of your choice of ice cream – is a common order at this place.

Toronto ice cream

4. Dutch Dreams

Dutch Dreams imports a wide variety of their famous waffle cones from their home country, Holland.

Try their ice cream in a waffle cone dipped in chocolate or have a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and covered in Smarties.

Dutch Dreams Gelato in Toronto

5. Eva’s Original Chimneys

This ice cream shop has roots from Hungary and they’ve incorporated their culture into their soft serve ice cream offerings.

They hand-make chimney cakes using flour and there are many different flavours to try. For the fun of it, get the O.G. where you can build your own custom cone complete with the ice cream flavour of your choice.

Eva's Original Chimneys Gelato

6. Greg’s Ice Cream

One of the oldest ice cream joints in Toronto, Greg’s Ice Cream has been serving cold treats since the 80’s.

Located in the Distillery District, patrons come to Greg’s to get a simple scoop or two of ice cream. More adventurous types go for the added toppings and condiments on top of their scoops.

Greg's Ice Cream in Toronto

7. Kekou Gelato House

Kekou Gelato is one of the few places that offers vegan ice cream treats. The ice cream flavours here have an Asian inspiration. Where else can you find Durian or Viet Coffee flavour Gelato?

Try the aforementioned Viet Coffee gelato bar that comes with dark peanuts and is dipped in chocolate.

Kekou Gelato House

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