Most Instagrammable Spot in Medellin

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots in Medellin

Colombia is a country filled with vibrant colours, stunning landscapes, and endless things to do. Here are seven of the most Instagrammable spots in Medellin to help you enhance your Insta feed and leave you with precious memories you’ll cherish forever.

Even though all of Colombia is diverse and unique, Medellin is perhaps one of the most photogenic cities in the entire country.

Whether you’re looking for photos set against multi-coloured houses or want the perfect shot of the Medellin skyline, we’ve got you covered.

The Most Instagrammable Spots in MedellinHow do these rankings work?

1. Comuna 13

Comuna13 used to be one of the world’s most dangerous neighbourhoods. Now, thanks to years of social transformation and collaboration from the locals, it’s one of the most vibrant and visited spots in all of Medellin.

This tiny little neighbourhood clings to the hills of Medellin and stands out along the mountainside due to the vibrant-coloured murals and houses.

Take a walking tour of the neighbourhood with a local guide and be sure to snap a lot of pics of the graffiti and street art along the way. Save space in your phone for the ultimate shot – the view at the top of the lookout.

Graffiti Street Art in Comuna 13 Medellin

2. Plaza Botero

Fernando Botero is one of Colombia’s most famous artists, and one look at his art will make you understand why.

Well-known around the world for his figurative paintings and sculptures, Botero donated a lot of art to the city in order to enhance the way the locals view creative pursuits. 

You can spend an afternoon at the famous Plaza Botero taking photos of the “voluminous” statues that mark Botero’s unique style. 

Touch the butts for good look or stick to visiting the Museum of Antioquia that’s right across from the park. There, you’ll be able to view more of his famous paintings, which you can take pictures of, too.

Plaza Botero Sculptures Medellin

3. Pueblito Paisa

Want to know what a traditional pueblo looks like in this region of Colombia? Head over to Pueblito Paisa, which is named after the cultural region that Medellin is part of.

Think of it as a mini replication of a real pueblo you’d see if you headed to the outskirts of Medellin and other towns in Antioquia. There are bright colonial homes, cute little shops, and lots of great food to try.

As an added plus, Pueblito Paisa is home to one of the best views in all of the city. Head here around sunset to snap an Instagram photo for your feed against the cascading mountains of Medellin.

Pueblito Paisa Instagrammable Place Medellin

4. Dulce Jesús Mio

Not only is Dulce Jesús Mio one of the best bars in Medellin, but it’s also one of the best spots to take photos that’ll wow your followers for the sheer outrageousness of the backdrop.

There are few ways to describe this traditional Colombia bar, and it’s better if you pay a visit to see for yourself just how unique and crazy the decor is.

Make sure you check out the bathrooms. They’re some of the most Instagrammed toilets in the entire world.

Craziest Bars in Medellin

5. Medellin Botanical Gardens

Even though Medellin is a sprawling metropolitan city, you can find a natural respite from the hustle and bustle at the botanical gardens.

With numerous spots to have a cute little afternoon picnic and even more locations to hold a nature-themed and fairytale-inspired photoshoot, you won’t be at a loss for great Insta photo ideas here.

Be sure to check out The Orquideorama, which is a stunning architectural delight as well as home to various types of beautiful orchids.

Best Instagram Spots in Medellin

6. Metrocable

Craving more of those stunning cityscape views that Medellin is so famously known for? Take a ride in the city’s Metrocable. 

Once you’re up high enough, you’ll be able to enjoy 360-degree views of the entire city. If you have time, once you get to the top, spend the afternoon enjoying Parque Arvi.

The easiest way to access the Metrocable is to take the normal metro all the way to the Acevedo metro stop. The cable car routes are part of the price of a metro ticket, you don’t need to purchase an additional ticket as long as you don’t leave the station.

Follow the signs to the Metrocable and wait your turn to enter one of the covered gondolas. Get your camera ready and enjoy!

Metrocable Cable Cars in Medellin, Colombia

7. Parque de Las Luces

If Los Angeles has the famous LACMA light posts then Medellin’s answer is the city’s famed Parque de Las Luces.

The light posts are pretty similar to what you’d see in Los Angeles. But, they light up in a more unique way at night. This is what makes them one of the most Instagrammable spots in Medellin.

For the best Instagram photo, we suggest heading there right at dusk. You’ll be able to take advantage of the light blue and orange-tinted hue of the skyline.
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